Taricaya Reserva Ecolgica Announces Launch Of New Website

The organization wants to help potential volunteers learn more about the mission of their wildlife conservation project, reports taricayaecoreserve.com.

Taricaya Reserva Ecolgica is pleased to announce the launch of their brand-new website. On a mission to rescue and rehabilitate mistreated animals, the organization wants to help potential volunteers learn more about their wildlife conservation project. The website gives those with a passion for wildlife an easy way to start the volunteer application process and contribute to the mission.

“In today’s world, many people are unaware of the critical role the Amazon Rainforest plays in regulating climates both regionally and globally,” said Rachel Kilby of the Taricaya Ecological Reserve. Although each one of us depends on its resources, the Amazon has lost nearly 20 percent of its forest cover due to population growth and poor government law enforcement. The resulting resource exploitation has endangered many endemic species, but we want people to know that all hope is not lost. This is why we’ve launched our new website.”

Kilby continued, “The new site gives visitors a glimpse inside our research center where our dedicated staff and volunteers continuously pioneer new initiatives in biodiversity studies, agroforestry programs, animal rehabilitation, environmental awareness and much more. We sincerely believe that when people see how we’re working with locals and government officials to make a positive impact, they’ll want to join the cause.”

The Taricaya Volunteer Project seeks volunteers who have a passion for life and nature and wish to truly experience them at their best in the Amazon Rainforest. The program takes volunteers at just about every stage in life, including families with children under 18, academic and non-academic professionals with experience in the natural sciences, pre- or post-graduate natural science students, and even teachers with groups interested in nature. With lodging in the middle of the rainforest, volunteers become part of the local culture and join Taricaya Reserva Ecologica staff in different projects which involve participating in the daily activities developed under their guidance.

Kilby went on to say, “All of the animals in the Amazon Rainforest play an integral role in the ecosystem, and their loss causes imbalance in the forest dynamic. Our wildlife reintroduction programs go a long way in helping to recover populations constantly diminished by habitat destruction so that critical balance can be properly restored. By creating a website that highlights the work we’re doing, it is our hope that people all over the globe will discover the importance of this project and how their contribution can quite literally change the world.”

Visit www.taricayaecoreserve.com to learn more about Taricaya Reserva Ecolgica how the organization’s volunteers are positively impacting the world around them.

About Taricaya Reserva Ecolgica:

The project takes animals in that have been mistreated from zoos or individuals with the goal of making them well and releasing them to the rain forest. Current range of animals include Spectacle Bears, Pumas, Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Ocelots, Toucans, Turtles, Tapirs and many more. Several groups of Spider monkeys released from the reserve are now living and breeding in the area where they were previously extinct. See website for more details.

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Organization: Taricaya Reserva Ecológica
Address: Taricaya Reserva Ecológica, Madre de Dios, Perú
Phone: +51 984713649
Website: http://www.taricayaecoreserve.com

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