Tarantrero Launches NFT Art Collection Inspired by Outer Space

NFT enthusiast, collector and artist creates art inspired by outer space and the galaxies

Tarantrero has unveiled Astro Galactic – a unique art collection by an NFT artist who has a wild imagination and draws inspiration from outer space and the galaxies. The collection is composed of three series, all of which have been designed to take viewers on a journey beyond the physical realm.

With art, there are no limits and the NFT space offers artists even more possibilities. By creating fascinating art pieces that drive inspiration, artists are creating NFTs with utility. The Tarantrero art collection plugs into the NFT space with pieces that are out of this world and tell a unique story.

“I enjoy expressing ideas and theories that can be open to different interpretations,” says Tarantrero. “This art collection has been a powerful way of doing just that.”

The first series in the collection is 5 pixelated bikini models, each wearing an astronaut helmet. Each model is a unique series of 10 pieces. Tarantrero plans to host an Astro Galactic Bikini Contest run by 1 pixelated judge who is a series of 3 pieces. As part of this contest, NFT holders can vote for their favourite contestant on a Google form. Tarantrero will airdrop a unique NFT to each of the 10 owners of the winning model.

The second series of the Astro Galactic collection is the Cupcake Mermaids. Each of the 3 mermaids represents a planet – the sun, the earth and the moon. Tarantrero has created 3 variations of this series – Dark Night, Starry Night and Pink Skies. The collection was inspired by Tarantrero’s interest in the combined elements of desire, appetite, water and space. The Cupcake Mermaids are animated in a GIF format.

The third series of the Astro Galactic collection is also inspired by space, this time combining elements of water, music, chocolate, and a play on words. Dropping bars in hip hop music culture refers to delivering poetic lyrics. In music, a bar also is a measurement unit for the time segment of a beat. The chocolate BARS in this series are named according to the Astro space theme: Galaxy, Mars, and Milky Way. In hip hop music culture, artists drop the microphone to signify the end of a performance; also known as a mic drop. In this series, the mic drop gesture is implied. However, the mic is replaced with a chocolate bar and the bar floats upwards rather than dropping down due to the gravity in space.

Tarantrero is transforming the NFT space with art that is inspired and sparks the viewer’s imagination. With the Astro Galactic art collection, crypto enthusiasts can own unique NFTs that offer fascinating perspectives on the world.

About Tarantrero
Tarantrero is an NFT enthusiast, collector and artist who has unveiled an Astro Galactic NFT art collection that is inspired by outer space and the galaxies. With each of the three series in this collection, Tarantrero is giving NFT collectors the opportunity to own unique and inspired pieces of art.

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