Tampa Tattoo Lab Opens New Office in Tampa Serving Regretful Body Art Recipients

Expansion of tattoo removal services helps better cater to growing body art regret, publishes tampatattoolab.com

According to figures released earlier this year, an estimated 45 million Americans now have at least one tattoo. Of those, 17 percent regret this decision, and an additional 11 percent have either had one removed or plan to do so in the future. Though the popularity of body art continues to surge, the tattoo removal industry has also seen an uptick over the last decade. With only a limited number of clinicians qualified to perform this type of procedure, those offering such services are scrambling to keep up with the growing demand.

In light of this development, spokesperson Jerry Murphy of Tampa Tattoo Lab recently announced the opening of a new office. Said Murphy, "People's opinions of their tattoos change for any number of reasons. Some have a partner's name permanently applied only to part ways after the fact. Others find their body art negatively affects their chances of gaining employment in a chosen field. Many simply outgrow the ideas their tattoos convey over time. Regardless of the motivation, we're here to help. With the opening of our new office, we can bring our experience and state-of-the-art technology to a broader range of clients."

As noted at TampaTattooLab.com, tattoo permanency stems from heavy metals in the ink being injected. Though the body's immune system is naturally programmed to attack foreign cells, the majority of those metal particles are too large to be effectively removed from the body by white blood cells. While smaller particles become part of the process, causing tattoos to gradually fade to some extent, larger ones remain in place.

Laser removal entails a process known as photothermolysis. By medical definition, this translates to dissolution of cells using light and heat. Tattoo removal lasers emit extreme heat in bursts as fast as one trillionth of a second, breaking the previously-mentioned metal particles into smaller pieces after which they can be eliminated via the natural immune response. A more detailed explanation of the procedure can be found at http://tampatattoolab.com.

Concluded Murphy, "Though the 45 million who have at least one tattoo are scattered across all age groups, nearly half of those are between 18 and 35 years old. The previous generation only makes up about 35 percent, so if the trend holds, the numbers are sure to climb. Of course, as the number of people who take part in this movement surges, so will those who wish they hadn't. We're proud to help turn back time in a sense and plan to continue expanding our practice in the future."

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