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Legal representation is needed for anyone who finds they are charged with this serious crime as the consequences tend to be very severe, reports Tampa DUI Lawyer

No individual remains exempt from a DUI charge in the state of Florida, as seen by the recent arrest of a police officer for driving under the influence. Anton Neil Lipski was arrested on October 23, 2014 on a misdemeanor charge, registering more than twice the legal limit for his blood alcohol level. As with any citizen charged with this crime, Mr. Lipski required the assistance of a Tampa DUI lawyer. Many who find they are in this situation turn to Tampe DUI Lawyer (best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com) for assistance, as they don't understand the law as thoroughly as this police officer did.

"Individuals who turn to Tampa DUI Lawyer do so to learn more about DUI charges in the state. Florida considers this crime to be very serious, even for those who are a first time offender. Most associate a DUI with alcohol, yet this charge applies anytime a substance is used that impairs a person's ability to operate motor vehicles, including boats. See http://best-tampa-dui-lawyer.com/dui-lawyers-tampa/ for information on how they determine if an individual should be charged with this crime," James Lawson, spokesperson for Tampa DUI Lawyer, suggests.

Individuals must also be aware that a DUI charge actually involves two separate cases. In addition to the case being prosecuted by the state, the accused also faces administrative action by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Each case carries its own penalties, and all can be disruptive to one's everyday life, leading to hardship. An experienced DUI attorney in the state works to minimize the consequences of the DUI charge.

Individuals in a position of authority and those driving a company vehicle are most at risk when charged with this crime. The conviction not only affects the person's driving ability, but also their professional reputation. This can lead to the loss of employment, one's professional license, and more. The attorney works to ensure this doesn't happen, Lawson explains.

Penalties vary based on the facts of the case. The skill of the attorney also plays a role in the penalties imposed, which highlights the importance of a skilled attorney, one who has handled cases of this type in the past. As the state imposes a ten day deadline for a hearing request to contest the administrative suspension of one's driver's license, time is of the essence.

"Contact Tampa DUI Lawyer immediately upon being charged with this serious crime. The sooner representation is in place, the sooner the process can begin. The right attorney can help to extend the accused's right to drive for a number of weeks, while working to obtain a hardship license for the defendant. In addition, he or she begins preparing the defense most likely to lead to a reduction of the charges or the dismissal of the case. Obtain an attorney today for the best results," Lawson strongly recommends.

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