Tamara ‘Tami’ Patzer of Women Innovators Radio Interviews Top 500 on Business Innovators Network

Women Innovators Radio Host Tamara ‘Tami’ Patzer recently topped more than 500 interviews on the Business Innovators Radio Network. Now accepting guest applications.

Women Innovators Radio Host Tamara ‘Tami’ Patzer recently topped more than 500 interviews on the Business Innovators Radio Network.

Since 2016, Patzer has interviewed women from around the globe. Recent interviewees worldwide include Gayle Edwards, Loubna Zarrou, Nikie Piper, Yvonne J. Douglas, Brigitte Keane, LaWanna Bradford, Karissa Williams, Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, Victoria Plenkenpol, and Chris Quintana.

Women Innovators Radio interviewees talk about topics ranging from entrepreneurial disruption to coaching and financial growth.

Tami Patzer created the Women Innovators Radio show and Women Innovators Book Publishing in 2016, after the presidential election. “I put the call out to women innovators,” Patzer said. “I was looking for leaders, makers, and givers — and they showed up in droves, and now more than 500 interviews later, women are still stepping up to tell their stories.”
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Patzer is also the creator of the Daily Success Institute and Blue Ocean Authority. She helps her clients step up and be seen, heard, and found online and offline.

Recent guests on Women Innovators

Gayle Edwards is an international, award-winning Global Personal Brand and Impact Strategist. Gayle is also the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your own Hallelujah” Disruptive Personal Branding process. Gayle interviews Entrepreneurial Disruptors from around the globe as the host of The Dare to be Awesome Podcast Show and co-host of The Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast. She is featured in the international best-selling book: Law of Brand Attraction.

Loubna Zarrou is an international bestselling author, professional speaker, and multi-award-winning Strategic Dynamo who is globally recognized for her extraordinary skill of mentoring Entrepreneurs to gain clarity, focus, and momentum with lightning speed. She is featured in the international best-selling book: Law of Brand Attraction.

Nikie Piper is the owner and founder of My Awesome Life Ltd, where she guides, teaches, and supports others in changing their ‘traditional’ thinking habits through proven journaling processes, online programs, live events, and books Nikie Piper is featured in the international best-selling book: Law of Brand Attraction.

Yvonne J. Douglas is the author of Journey of a Star Seed. “As a powerful conduit for spirit, I am here to heal your soul on a deep level. I work with sensitive souls helping you to tap into your true power, remember who you truly are, and recognize that being sensitive is not a weakness but an absolute strength,” she said.

Brigitte Keane is an internationally renowned healer, speaker, bestselling international author, theologian, educator, consultant, and the creative visionary behind The Laughter Liberator, Pioneering the Laughter Lifestyle.

LaWanna Bradford is a serial entrepreneur and global leader in the strategic planning and performance management arena. She is a thought leader and business management consultant who applies strategic thinking and business management concepts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and identify both business and life opportunities for improvement and growth.

Karissa Williams is a health and wellness expert, certified life, health, mindset coach, trainer, motivational speaker, ultimate hustler, and the creator and Bossbabe of 365DailyHustle. As a success coach, Karissa helps stressed-out, career-focused mamas create a better work-life balance. She helps them reset, readjust, and refocus on what’s important.

Osteopathic Pediatrician Dr. Ruth Rodriguez is the best-selling author of Natural Solutions For Your Children and Family. “You can trust me to understand the benefits and side effects of any prescription, or over the counter medication your child may be on, and expertly incorporate natural remedies, so your child feels better, not worse,” she said.

Victoria Plenkenpol is a Sales Executive/Blue Diamond and Founder of dōTERRA China and works with the company and her team to help open the China Region. With a global team of over 7,000, in more than 50 countries, she has developed an outstanding training and educational system to reach worldwide. Her mission is to empower and educate women to OWN their Lives Without Boundaries. To assure them that it is never too late to make a change. To help them discover their purpose and fulfill it.

Chris Quintana is the best-selling author of The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make,” available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. “Achieving financial success doesn’t have to be complicated, like the financial and government systems want you to think it is, “ said Chris Quintana. “Say goodbye to worn-out advice that has you on a financial rollercoaster. Contrary to what Wall Street promotes — you don’t have to lose your hard-earned money to grow your wealth.”

Women Innovators Radio is currently accepting guest applications. Text 941-421-6563.

Tamara “Tami” Patzer, publisher and creator the Daily Success™ Media Network has releases 30 No. 1 International Best Sellers including Big Message, Big Mission, Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers: Women Who Make a Daily Difference; and Self-Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success.

Patzer is recognized as one of the leading publishers for women. Each collaboration features eight women who tell their stories of their big message and big missions in life. Every woman is featured on Patzer’s radio show Women Innovators Radio Show.

Since 2016, Patzer has helped hundreds of women become No. 1 International Best Selling Authors in the Women Innovators series, Big Message, Big Mission, and The Self-Made Woman book series.

Recent authors include Becky Norwood, Debra Crosby, Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, Dr. Heather Tucker, Donya Zimmerman, Audrye Arbe, Heather Hanson, and Marcella Romoser-Scherer in Volume 7 of Women innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers.

Self-Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success include: Kate Theriot, Martha Melendez, Shari Pheasant, Dora Vilk-Shapiro, Angie LeBlanc, Mala Rama, and Bonnie Fatio.

Authors featured in Big Message, Big Mission include Licia Berry, Judy Micale, Sue Hayes, Gail Dixon, Marjorie Schoelles, Maryon Stewart, Debra Graugnard, Mery Dominguez, and Regina Skarzinkskas.

For more information about Patzer’s next project or speaking, events visit TamiPatzer.com or contact Patzer directly.

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