Talk Car Insurance Leverages the Power of Community to Get Users the Best Deals

Recently launched Talk Car Insurance forum provides a space for individuals and insurers to discuss the industry, share great deals and a great deal more besides.

In the age of the internet, price comparison seems to rule insurance rates, but word of mouth was once the great leveler, as someone finding a great deal would tell his friends about it so they could benefit too. This seems to have died out, but the internet is actually a better tool for sharing information on deals, reviewing and criticizing companies than there has ever been. Talk Car Insurance is utilizing this tool in a new way, by creating an open forum in which motorists, insurance agents, claims handlers and lawyers can talk openly and frankly about the industry, and service providers can promote their best policies.

The forums allow motorists to discuss, ask and answer questions and report their experiences with automobile insurance providers, as well as swapping hints and tips on other ways to save money on car insurance. There is an auto insurance forum, an area for car insurance articles, and state specific discussions and services.

The areas covered range from factors affecting insurance quotes to claim issues, and by sharing experiences of successes and frustrations, users can gain knowledge, tactics and strategies as well as recommended providers to save on car insurance.

A spokesperson for Talk Car Insurance explained, “The idea is to create an open dialog around car insurance. We allow insurers and brokers to advertize what they offer in the relevant sub-forums for the states they’re active in so that our users can find relevant providers. We encourage them to make special offers to entice customers, and these companies are open to user feedback in that way, accountable for their service. This means they have to work harder, and the best deals will really create the best business. Equally, money saving strategies can be shared by our members amongst one another to get better policy quotes.”

About Talk Car Insurance:
Talk Car Insurance is a new and increasingly popular insurance forum that covers the USA. As well as motorists, brokers, agents, claims handlers and lawyers can join the forum to discuss, ask and answer questions and write editorial pieces. Equally, insurance service providers can create a page for their services in special forums created for each state.

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