TaleOut Crossed 100k Social Updates by Its Users Today

Social Media WordPress Plugin, TaleOut helps bloggers capitalize on the benefits of social media networks in order to leverage their success in the online market.

TaleOut is a WordPress plugin that has been dynamically engineered to help bloggers capitalize on often underleveraged content marketing efforts. It was announced today that this plugin has reached 100K social media updates by its users. That number is climbing at an increasing rate as more users begin to take advantage of the easy to use, highly effective plugin. Specifically, TaleOut generates social signals automatically and is based on Google’s Patent. This assures higher ranking and higher traffic for increased online marketing success.

Because it was built by Daniel Tan, long time SEO and social media marketing expert, it is considered to be one of the most highly effective and well designed plugin of its type. It has a number of features that are created for easy use by new to veteran bloggers. It has a full range of preferences including the scheduling of posts, customization of accompanying messages and the ability to add #hashtag, @connect, or use a URL shortener with each outgoing post. There are templates that can be set up for outgoing posts and updates and the option to manually or automatically send out posts. Users also have the full capability of choosing which social media networks to post to and historical data for reporting purposes.

Ultimately, TaleOut allows bloggers to boost traffic automatically with the latest SEO methodology. This method, which increases social signals, has replaced backlinks in regard to what Google has confirmed as being the best way to improve search engine rankings in order to gain more traffic. The automation that TaleOut provides will save hours of time for bloggers. It will also take the guesswork out of how to best implement social sharing activities into their marketing strategy. The lifetime support that comes along with the plugin is another value added benefit that will help users fully optimize their online marketing efforts.

About TaleOut: Created by SEO and social media marketing expert Daniel Tan, the WordPress Plugin, TaleOut easily and quickly helps bloggers automatically share their content to social media networks. It shares old content, helps resurface old posts for traffic and readership, and has a variety of options including scheduling capabilities. These features help bloggers gain more traction on their often underleveraged content marketing efforts.

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