Take Flight With Knuckles-5, A One-Handed Controller For Drones and PC Games

Live on Kickstarter, Knuckles-5 is one-handed controller that allows users to control any flying platform and play PC games.

Knuckles-5, the revolutionary new one-handed controller for drones and PC games, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Numerous models of drone controllers currently available do not fully utilize the abilities of the human hand. Knuckles-5 is a groundbreaking new alternative to a classic two-handed remote controller.

“Having worked in this field for about 7 years, I realized that numerous models of drone controllers do not fully utilize the abilities of the human hand,” says founder and CEO Kostiantyn Borysov on the inspiration behind the project. “Our team is developing Knuckles-5 as an alternative to a classic two-handed remote controller. Its purpose is to overcome the disadvantages of a two-handed controller and to offer more possibilities and freedom to its users. With Knuckles-5, people will be able to control a spaceship in a computer game, a remote-controlled model or a heavy cargo drone with ease, using only one hand.”

Knuckles-5 was designed with the anatomy of the human hand in mind and takes into account the movement of each finger. Knuckles-5 will allow users to control a spaceship in a computer game, a remote-controlled model or a heavy cargo drone with ease. One of the benefits of Knuckles-5 is that the controller function is extremely customizable. For example, program settings can be used to assign different functions to buttons and analog axes. Users can assign the function of buttons to axes or the fixed values of certain axes to buttons.

Most importantly, the Knuckles-5 is also useful for people with limited physical abilities. The functionality of Knuckles-5 is now so well developed that users who are only able to use one hand or who have limited hand movement can set it up and fly drones or play computer games with the ease and efficiency of other gamers, drone-racers and UAV pilots.

“We consider Knuckles-5 as a small step in the evolution of the controller. But this step will help us become better. Better at sports, working with industrial drones or playing computer games,” adds Borysov.

Knuckles-5 is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/knuckles-5-one-handed-controller-for-drone-and-pc#/

About Knuckles-5

Knuckles-5 team is a group of enthusiasts,  who are focused on bringing impossible things to life. Trying to make our world better, we work on innovative projects and solutions. We are people who are crazy enough to make impossible things, and professional enough to make it well. For more information on Knuckles-5 please visit www.knuckles5.com


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