Tactical Traps Proud to Offer the Solution Needed When Seconds Matter

38% of gun owners keep a loaded weapon in case they need to defend their family and property.

A hot topic in the United States for decades, the public debate on gun ownership is likely to continue for years to come. Proponents typically cite self-defense as the reason for buying and storing firearms in their homes, with 30% of US adults estimated to own a gun. What critics tend to overlook is that home defense weapon buyers are predominantly responsible citizens who take the issue very seriously. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, “gun owners are more politically engaged on gun issues than other Americans,” as well as far more likely to donate to organizations that take a stand on firearms policy. That same report noted that 38% of gun owners keep a loaded weapon in case they need to defend their family and property. However, the hardware is typically locked in a safe and may take too long to access, especially in the dark and under stress. Many home defense experts claim that a firearm is rendered useless if the owner cannot reach it within 10 to 15 seconds. Tactical Traps has created the perfect solution to address the issue of accessibility.

The Indiana-based company refers to its product as a “tactical trap,” which is essentially a compact piece of furniture that contains a hidden cavity for storing firearms. "It's a James Bond-like, free-floating wooden wall shelf that conceals your rifle or handgun of choice, or both," explains Joe Walters, owner and CEO of Tactical Traps. "I've been involved in woodworking and home remolding since I was 18, so when we came up with this idea, I immediately drove to my shop and created a prototype. After going through dozens of engineers, we've perfected it over the past few years and built the most secure and durable concealment shelf out there,” Walters adds.

In addition to being hidden from sight, the shelf is designed with security and accessibility as primary considerations. Opening the firearms compartment requires a unique RFID key that is placed in the center of the shelf, after which the battery-powered lock disengages and upward pressure applied by the owner opens the secret trap door. The cavity inside, which is lined with high-density foam and fitted with LED lights, can hold two firearms and spare magazines. This utilitarian creation has garnered Tactical Traps reviews that are full of praise, but the company is equally proud of having designed a beautiful fixture that is also reasonably priced. As Walters points out, "We're not a big corporation; we make quality products at affordable prices and we sell direct to the consumer. This allows us to offer the best possible pricing, yet still hand-craft each shelf right here in America, a shelf that's not only functional and looks great, but one that anyone would be proud to hang in their home."

Tactical Traps aims to revolutionize home defense by providing skillfully crafted, durable, and secure alternatives to weapon safes. The company, whose team of more than 20 skilled workers includes family members and veterans, operates from a base in Schererville, Indiana.

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