Tactical Trap Promotes Fantastic Reviews of Gun Shelf Product

Judging by the feedback, the company has a winner on its hands.

Home defense is an incredibly important topic of conversation of late, with increased home break-ins and violent attacks that could be avoided with more readily available defense mechanisms in households. The secret gun compartments designed and produced by Indiana-based Tactical Traps have captured a fair share of attention, extensively advertised online as products combining utility, security, and craftsmanship. However, what brands claim and what buyers actually get are not the same thing. Intrigued by the information available online, one consumer decided to order the product and put it to the test, making his contribution to the collection of tactical trap reviews. Judging by the feedback, the company has a winner on its hands.

Tactical Traps performed well with regard to delivery: the lead time specified on the company website is 5 to 10 days, and the 3/4” shelf was shipped on the 10th day, arriving on the next. The consumer, who ordered the product for a business office, began with first impressions of the product, as most tactical trap reviews start. According to him, the people present for the package opening were pleasantly surprised by the quality. The manufacturer claims to use premium hardwood, and it appears to be true as the group was impressed with the stability of the shelf and its nearly flawless finish. When the RFID key was placed in the center topside, the lock disengaged and the bottom slid down in a slow, controlled manner due to the damper installed on the inside. Following the simple and straightforward instructions, the office team hung the fixture in the hallway, the only inconvenience being the lack of mounting screws in the package. To alleviate their concerns about the weight the tactical trap could hold, the reviewers placed several cinder blocks on top plus a mini I-beam fabricated for another project. Any uncertainty in that regard was dispelled as the shelf did not budge, proving its sturdiness.

Another issue that required scrutiny was the battery-operated RFID lock. After everything was set – the shelf mounted, the foam inside traced and cut, and the items deposited in the cavity – the people in the office opened the tactical trap at every single opportunity, estimating to have done so 300 to 400 times in the week that followed. It worked flawlessly every time, and the weight inside made it open much faster. The experiment with the RFID key consisted of leaving it over the lock unit for two nights to drain the batteries. When the reviewers checked it, the latch on the lock auto retracted (which is a safety feature), allowing them to get inside the shelf and replace the batteries. All worked as it was supposed to after the recharge, leading the group to conclude that the company has provided a feature, which ensures users never get locked out. Adding to the positive balance of tactical trap reviews, this group has awarded the shelf 5 out of 5 stars, noting that the product is a finely crafted piece that is both functional and decorative. Despite the lack of mounting screws and the significant effort required to trace the foam, the shelf ultimately deserves its top rating on account of its outstanding craftsmanship, durability, reliable locking system, finish, and price.

Based in Indiana, Tactical Traps is on a mission to revolutionize home defense by offering skillfully crafted, durable, and secure alternatives to weapon safes. The business relies on a team of more than 20 skilled workers, among them family members and veterans.

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