Tactical Ingenuity Demonstrates Solution to Chain of Custody Problem for Law Enforcement Body Worn Cameras

SCREAMING HD by Tactical Ingenuity, Inc. provides the solution to the chain of custody problems with law enforcement video from dash cameras and body worn cameras.

SCREAMING HD  announces the world’s first solution for the ”Chain of Custody”  problem headlining the news today related to police officer dash cameras and body worn cameras. This Patent Pending proprietary video compression and frame by frame encryption prevents human intervention with video and audio evidence data. This month’s Police Chief Magazine outlines the key requirements for evidence video:

“In federal court the admissibility of video recordings as photographic evidence is governed by Rule 1001(2) of the Federal Rules of Evidence (Federal Rules) that establishes seven criteria to determine admissibility:

1. The recording device was capable of recording the activity.
2. The recording is authentic and correct.
3. No changes, additions, or deletions have been made to the recording.
4. The recording has been preserved in the manner shown to the court.
5. The operator was competent to operate the recording device.
6. The persons being recorded are identified.
7. The activity elicited was made voluntarily, in good faith, and with no inducements.”

Screaming HD video meets and exceeds all 7 federal court requirements for video evidence data and in addition, lets central dispatch know if the officers dash cam and body worn camera is operational and provides central dispatch “Situational Awareness” regarding what the officer sees and hears in real time.

No human handles or processes SCREAMING HD video, it is a direct, secure, real time connection to the secure video servers.

Dr. Brad Hutson, inventor of this video compression technology said “No other video compression technology can achieve 1/100th the compression capability of SCREAMING HD. It is so revolutionary, Verizon has incorporated this technology into their Technology Innovation Center for M2M applications.”

Tactical Ingenuity, Inc. has partnered with IntelliStreets to integrate SCREAMING HD video into their lighting products for streets and parking lots where traditional camera systems are expensive and difficult to implement.

SCREAMING HD™ will work on 2G, 3G, 4GLTE, GSM, CDMA, and WiFi to deliver HD video from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

This is the ultimate solution for the chain of custody of video and audio data and lone worker scenarios. Now the chain of custody of video and audio data is encrypted and stored as it is happening and now a law enforcement officer is no longer alone because everything he sees and hears can be seen and heard in real time by his command center. As situations develop, his supervisors can interact with the officer, provide recommendations, dispatch backup, send paramedics and coordinate any other urgently needed services providing true situational awareness, all recorded in real time.

Screaming HD will work with any camera system installed today and if required, SCREAMING HD can provide a combination dash camera and body worn camera which is a military specification ruggedized water-proof phone securely attached to the officer’s chest pocket with the rear camera facing forward. The phone also has Secure Phone Online installed for secure phone calls, secure e-mails and text messaging. Unlike today’s body worn cameras that have wires, short battery life, and manual handling of video memory cards, the Tactical Ingenuity solution is totally wireless with a self contained 12 hour battery life and no manual handling of memory cards.

To prove that this incredible technology is real, see live streaming HD for drive arounds and walk aborts by going to http://streamserver.procysive.com/rtmp8.html

Tactical video has finally arrived anytime and anywhere it is needed. Other current  applications are Oil & Gas exploration and production using satellite phones, border patrol, covert surveillance, journalism, and any need to capture and distribute live HD video and audio in a mobile or desolate environment. These solutions are working today.

SCREAMING HD is privately held by Tactical Ingenuity Inc. Visit the website www.screaminghd.com for more information and call 407 962 7850.

Contact Info:
Name: Brad Hutson
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Organization: Tactical Ingenuity, Inc.
Phone: 407 962 7850
Website: http://www.tacticalingenuity.com

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