Synetic Technologies Launches Re-vamped Website

New web design provides easier navigation, concise information and improved content reports company spokesman.

According to industry experts, in the digital world so many live in where employees spend most of the day online, a standard website is just not sufficient. And as an increasing number of consumers make buying decisions, both personal and for their business based on their online experience, the appearance, usability, and accessibility of a company's website is more important than ever, especially in a competitive market. With that in mind, Ron Hellmer, spokesperson for Synetic Technoloies, announced the launch of a new website design for the IT asset management services firm.

Says Hellmer, "We're very proud of the website. Quite frankly, it's easier it is to navigate. Our customers can now find what they want quickly, with more concise information and improved content. We clearly explain why customers will want to choose Synetic over others and we have a well-defined FAQ that answers such questions as what differentiates us from other companies who provide similar ITAD and ITAM services."

Hellmer states they consider their website an extension of their staff, and just as they evaluate their staff on a yearly basis, they felt they should do the same with their website. Hellmer elaborates, saying, "IT asset disposition and Secure Data Protection can be an intricate matter, and it's up to us to explain it in a clear and concise manner to the C-level executive what is expected of them, after all, it's a new world out there. In the past, it was unheard of for anyone outside the IT department to even be involved in the disposal of assets. With our newly designed website, we've taken the time and the effort to address a variety of different audiences and topics so as to cover a number of different angles."

Certainly this will not be the final edition of their website, states Hellmer. "All quality companies should continue to listen to their customers and evolve as the industry and technology does. What appears cutting edge today will eventually become outdated, but, we'll continue to evaluate our site and to update it as needed."

About Synetic Technologies:

Synetic Technologies is the trusted resource for organizations that understand how important it is to ethically and securely dispose of IT assets at the end of their lifecycles. Synetic Technologies views IT asset disposition (ITAD) and IT asset management (ITAM) services as not only a business, but also as a duty to the client as well as the community and environment. They focus on what happens to old IT assets; more specifically, putting the systems and processes in place to safely destroy the private and sensitive information contained in technology assets, understanding that taking an "Ã?Â?out of sight out of mind" approach is risky and dangerous on too many levels. The firm partners with organizations serious about proper IT disposal and protecting their company data that exists in its hardware until destructed.

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