Synergy Spray Foam Insulation In Dallas Announces Breakthrough Technology

Synergy Spray Foam Insulation in Dallas TX has recently announced their breakthrough Attic insulation and whole house insulation solutions. By installing spray foam, they have helped many Dallas Homeowners save up to 50% on their energy bill.

Dallas homeowners trying to save money on air conditioning bills while staying cool and comfortable this summer can now take advantage of newer, more modern home insulation technology. Innovative spray foam insulation offers superior value by sealing the home more efficiently and effectively, versus old-fashioned manually-installed fiberglass insulation.

That’s particularly important this time year, as Michael Rodriguez, owner of Synergy Spray Foam Insulation in Dallas explains. “ Attics in a hot climate like that of Dallas that are not properly insulated often hit temperatures that are upwards of 160 or 170 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime. While homeowners pay more to operate their air conditioning units, much of that precious energy escapes – or leaks into the attic or the great outdoors where it goes to waste.”

Sealing that same attic space with spray foam insulation, however, can lower the temperature by as much as 100 degrees, reducing the workload of the HVAC system and making it significantly easier and less expensive to heat the livings space of the home’s interior. A study from the University of Arizona conducted a few years ago, for example, showed average year-round energy savings of 30 percent in homes that used spray foam insulation instead of relying on conventional fiberglass insulation methods.

That’s because fiberglass insulation is difficult to fit around ductwork and equipment, without compressing it, and when fiberglass insulation is compressed it can lose up to 80% of its efficiency. Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, sticks to every contour and into every corner, crack, or void. That creates a customized fit and then the spray foam naturally expands around the ductwork for a tighter and more effective insulation solution.

Because spray foam insulation is so flexibly adaptable, it is also an ideal product for insulating brand new construction, existing modern home, or older and vintage houses. “Another advantage of spray foam insulation,” Rodriguez points out, “is that it has acoustic properties, as well, to reduce outside noise and improve interior quality of life. Meanwhile, it reduces the presence of airborne allergens while also helping to combat pest intrusion, two benefits that promote a greener and healthier home and lifestyle.”

Synergy Spray Foam Insulation is offering a free quote for attic insulation and whole house insulation to anyone who is living in the Dallas- Fort Worth Texas area. They can be contacted by visiting their website at or call them at 214 347 7111


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