SYMBULL launches a Decentralized Token that created the first Crypto EcoVerse

SymBULL introduces a new concept in the crypto industry by launching their SYMBULL TOKEN. It is the first EcoVerse that will enable holders to get maximum rewards using their unique features.

One of the distinct cryptocurrencies has recently emerged, namely SymBULL. It has made a buzz in the crypto industry with its first EcoVerse, allowing investors to gain maximum rewards. All token holders receive 8% reflections in BUSD, which works parallel with the stable generation of a compound reflection effect and exponentially increases your holdings.

Not only do holders receive rewards through tokenomics, but they can also receive rewards through SymBULL’s ecoverse. SymBULL, RIDE, and CHARGE come together to create BullSwap, the next evolution in DeFi platforms. BullSwap gives users the ability to Stomp, Toss, and SWAP tokens to gain profits through their sophisticated and innovative passive income reward system.

SymBULL has a native token with the symbol SYMBULL. The community behind the token will continue to build a movement in the crypto world. The SymBULL token is their foundational currency that allows investors to hold billions of dollars in their wallets.

Their exclusive token possesses great features such as BUSD Reflection: Where users can earn automatic Binance-Peg BUSD rewards by holding their SymBULL – 8% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders. They will receive the rewards automatically in their wallet or can claim them manually in our dApp Dashboard.

Another feature is Anti-Whale Built; their contract counts with a simple, straightforward anti-whale: No sale amounts higher than 0.10% of the total supply are possible at once. It discourages, or at least reduces, big selloffs since the amount will be lower in the end.

Moreover, with Bull RUN Mechanism, 3% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically added to the Buy-Back Reserve. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the SYMBULL contract. The contract is coded so that the BNB in the Strategic Reserves cannot be withdrawn and can only be utilized to buy back SYMBULL tokens from the open market and burn them. The project’s contract has two different BuyBack systems: The main one, Bull Run Buyback, is a large buyback deployed strategically at specific moments and generated a big green candle in the chart.

Bull Run is executed when the chart most needs it. When volume is low, the Bull Rise System kicks in, and small buys will happen to discourage early sellers. This creates a proper burn and guarantees the price per token will increase every time the buyback is activated.

Lastly, with their Liquidity Pool Stability feature, 3% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pool mechanism. A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens, which they can trade. The Smart Contract deposits 3% from every buy/sell transaction as SymBULL and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

Crypto enthusiasts who are determined to invest in SYMBULL are advised to visit and their Twitter account. for more information and enjoy the best of their services!

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