SymBULL, a deflationary token appears on the New York Times Square offering 8% rewards

SymBULL to launch the MoonFORCE platform after its KYC verification

SymBULL, a deflationary token appeared in Time Square displaying 8% rewards in BUSD. The recent billboard appearance is a sign that the project is gaining traction within the cryptocurrency industry.

The SymBULL token was launched November 1st, 2021, and has rewarded more than $840,000 tokens to its holders within 2 weeks. The token is a deflationary token that will get scared over time. It offers 8% rewards to token holders for every transaction (buy or sell) in Binance pegged to the BUSD. It further sent the rewards to the investors' wallets using the SymBULL token.

SymBULL token attributes

Uniquely, the SymBULL project offers several features that make it outstanding in the cryptocurrency space. It allows users to receive rewards automatically through its dApp Dashboard. According to the team, it works parallel with Stable Yield, thereby generating a compound reflection effect.

The SymBULL contract is encoded in a way that no one can withdraw the strategic reserves. Instead, users can only use the BNB to buy back the SymBULL tokens from the open market. Interestingly, the project contract comes with two different Buyback systems, including the Bull Run Buyback.

The marketing team unveiled its plan for every transaction. It indicated its plan to convert 3% of each transaction into liquidity for PancakeSwap. It tends to use the PancakeSwap platform to fix the issue of low liquidity of decentralized exchanges through the liquidity pool mechanism. The liquidity pool will have a pair of tokens, allowing everyone to trade. The SymBULL smart contract deposits 3% for each transaction as $BNB and SymBULL into the liquidity pool.

To leverage the potentials of the smart contract, it also unveils its BullSwap platform, which is a DeFi platform. It intends to give uses the capability to provide liquidity, stake, and swap tokens to gain returns through an innovative passive income reward system. Furthermore, it will launch a BullRun NFT series that will be an instrumental part of the PFP NFT blockchain. SymBULL is the first crypto Bull Run mechanism that offers investors 8% rewards.

Currently, the SymBULL token is sold for $0.0010621 with a market capitalization of 9,471,653.03. The initial total supply is 20 billion with 1.8 billion set aside for its private presale. Furthermore, the public presale has about 5.8 billion supply while 2.8 billion is for its PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

About SymBULL

SymBULL is a renowned project with a team of developers spearheading the project. The team members comprise experienced individuals from different fields. Despite being an undoxxed team, the team is making progress to launch the MoonFORCE platform after its KYC verification.


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