Sydney Startup WalkRelax To Launch A Profit Tracking System To Help Startups And SMEs

Soon to launch Sydney startup WalkRelax wants to help startups and SMEs to survive on the competitive market with a Profit Tracking System.

Walk Relax is pleased to announce the launch of its new profit tracking system for SMEs and start-ups. The cloud-based SAAS which tracks employee productivity and the financial position of the business in real time is developed by Sydney-based Aussie Developers. The team has a mission to empower start-ups by providing all necessary tools to operate a business and get organized at work. The team believes this SAAS will help start-up to “walk relaxed”.

There are many SAAS products in the market for businesses: project management, time tracking, invoicing, collaboration, accounting tools; but there is no such tool for start-ups and small businesses which track individual project profit and employee performance in real time. The tools are important since as many as four out of five SMEs go out of business within their first eighteen months of operation. The underlying cause of the failure is the inability to track profit and loss of the business in real time.

The program and system are designed to help businesses to evaluate the company’s financial position in real time and track employees’ performance so they can incentivise and invest in hard working employees.

According to Nirmal Gyanwali, founder, and CEO of Sydney-based web development agency, Aussie Developer, “Our team has recently launched the first start up project in Australia,, which helps amateur musicians to find gigs online. Our team has been using WalkRelax in own company to manage projects and evaluate employees’ performance for years. We finally decided to release it for public so others can also benefit from this proven methodology.”

“This is amazingly helpful in allowing us to improve our employees’ productivity and efficiency at work” he continued. “Our simple belief is: if it works for us, it will surely work for other businesses.”

The system is a cloud-based full data analytics tool which shows pictorial data in real time to the employer or manager. Some of the features are real time business profit tracking, real-time employee performance tracking, individual tasks and projects profit tracking, project total time tracking, employee time tracking, employee performance tracking, employee incentives and performance scores, and team collaboration.

The SAAS targets tech start-ups, small businesses, agencies, and freelancers. It is scheduled to launch in the new year. WalkRelax is a subscription-based plan which offers the first three months at no cost. New companies will receive a 3 months’ free trial, then the cost is $1 per user. This price point will help to keep the program affordable for start-ups and small businesses.

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Organization: Naphix Pty Ltd
Address: Sydney, NSW Australia
Phone: +61 29281 3250

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