SW DAO x MarketPeak - Decembers Partnership by The Numbers

SW DAO and MarketPeak have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to offer MarketPeak members private access to a unique selection of SW DAO’s market-outperforming algorithmic trading strategies. During December these strategies netted $400,000 in profit for 2,000 MarketPeak members.

SW DAO, a leading decentralized investment bank offering structured investment products, and MarketPeak, a blockchain community for passive income earners today announced that SW DAO’s proprietary automated strategies have generated $400,000 in profit for nearly 2,000 members of the MarketPeak platform during the month of December.

Leveraging the direct synergies between SW DAO’s investment strategies and MarketPeak’s diverse investor base, both companies provide unique assets within DeFI that when combined will stimulate each platform’s native tokens, SWD and PEAK, through cash flow generation.

“We are ecstatic about having the opportunity to offer exclusive investment strategies to MarketPeak. During the discussion of their investment participation in our Seed Round, they understood our vision in building an ecosystem where Main Street investors could fight back against Wall Street giants. As our team would say, “the best is yet to come”, this is just the beginning of a long and fantastic partnership.”

-Alexander Markl, Co-Founder, Head of Strategy
The DeFi and Wealth Management industries have historically had high barriers to entry; whether it be net worth requirements or the understanding of complex terminology and technology that often confuses the layperson. These high barriers have often excluded the average person from investing in any market outperforming strategies that go beyond simple spot holdings. When an inexperienced person does decide to try to beat the market by day-trading they often face liquidation events or margin calls. Such events can potentially destroy their entire portfolio.

The new mutually exclusive partnership between SW DAO and MarketPeak removes the traditionally high barriers to investment success. The MarketPeak platform easily allows users access to a passive-income generating ecosystem with not much more than an email and a crypto wallet. In addition, SW DAO has shown a historic track record since mid-2020 of providing financial services that reduce the stress of investing for the average individual. SW DAO’s automated strategies require minimal to no input from the user other than an initial connection to a crypto brokerage account. Combining SW DAO’s time-test strategies with MarketPeak’s ecosystem grants a unique opportunity for the everyday investor who faces harsh barriers to outperforming the market.

SW DAO has granted the MarketPeak community exclusive access to three alpha-generating strategies from December 1st to December 31st. This exclusive access will last through the foreseeable future with more strategies such as Yield Farming to be added over the coming months.

Approximately 2,000 MarketPeak community members have pooled together $10,000,000 in capital across the following strategies: High-Frequency Momentum ETH & BTC, Quantum Momentum ETH & BTC, as well as Discretionary ETH. Cumulatively these strategies have generated ~$400,000 in profit for MarketPeak members during the month of December.

The SW DAO Treasury has received a payment from MarketPeak for the sum of $29,100. This number equates to a fee of 7.50% of profits generated through the utilization of SW DAO’s exclusive line of strategies on MarketPeak.

50% of SW DAO’s fee generated through MarketPeak has been added to the December dividend pool for SWD Governance members, and the remaining 50% has been added to SW DAO’s treasury, as per SWIP-03.

This partnership marks the beginning of a long and meaningful collaboration for SW DAO and MarketPeak. SW DAO’s investment strategies are available to investors right now on the MarketPeak platform at MarketPeak.com.

Contact Info:
Name: Alexander Markl
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Organization: SW DAO
Website: https://swdao.org/

Release ID: 89058736