Surya Success Energizes Clients with Leading-Edge Stress Management

Tailored for professional schedules, Surya Success™ teaches today’s CEOs and Executives how to reduce stress and maximize success with a pioneering breathing practice. Marked improvements have been reported in daily well-being.

Surya Success is set to help professionals navigate the change of seasons by learning new tools for personal and professional growth with a pioneering stress management technology that draws from an ancient and proven science. A 12-week online program set to launch this fall, the course is specifically adapted and tailored for today’s busy CEO and executive. The program incorporates a methodology developed to help build and sustain mental, physical, and emotional wellness, and to have direct, observable effects on performance. Visitors to can now get immediate access to complimentary exercises and register for updates on the program schedule.

Surya Success is a daily practice meant to guide business executives in realizing their optimal potential to be a driving force of success for their businesses and colleagues. It is known to help stimulate natural energy generation, activate different areas of the brain, and boost immunity by assisting to revitalize and strengthen the respiratory, neural, and endocrine systems. The course introduces practical breathing exercises each week to support executives in overcoming the stresses and challenges of today’s world. Studies show that stress, when neglected, may cause a multitude of neurophysiological imbalances. The science behind Surya Success is recognized to aid in the reversal of the detrimental effects that stress can have on one’s personal and professional life.

Sandra Galvagny, the CEO, explains that the body generates and distributes energy through breath. Surya Success supports the use of breath as a potent tool to self heal, elevate mood, and override negative patterns, in order to shift to a goal-oriented and positive mindset. This invigorating technology integrates a unique merging of the world’s most powerful curative sciences, harnessing the power of a centuries-old, proven practice.

“Expansion happens on the inside first, before it can manifest on the outside,” Galvagny says, “Increased impact in the world begins with addressing issues caused by stress, such as worry, anxiety, overwhelm, and stagnation, that may be unnecessarily keeping us from moving forward. This technology provides business executives with a winning formula for success that is designed to help minimize stress and maximize output.”

Galvagny, who is also the founder of Galvagnized–a highly recognized brand and interactive agency–created Surya Success to further support professionals in reaching their goals. With more than 12 years of experience serving Fortune-500 companies and leading iconic brands, she understands the business world, and that with the challenges of life increasing on a daily basis, people need new alternate ways to cope with pressure. An invited branding instructor at CEO Space International, a leader in educational business conferences for entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, Galvagny has also been teaching a series of specialized Surya Success workshops to educate business leaders in the powerful influence of breath on one’s life. Participants and other professionals who have integrated this practice into their life have reported a marked increase in vitality, clarity, and concentration, gaining the ability to release stress within a few minutes of these exercises.

To give executives a head-start until the 12-week program launches, Surya Success has created a mini-series of complimentary exercises, which can be accessed at “Everyone is looking for the fast track in life–doing these exercises everyday is like jumping on a rocket,” Galvagny says, “if one wants to succeed, beginning this practice can be the perfect catalyst.”

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