Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes Receive Recommendation for Post-Surgery Use

Surviveware customer found another way to maximize the use of an outdoor and adventure product.

Undergoing surgery is already difficult on its own. Post-surgery patients require special attention particularly in attending to their wounds. Patients are often advised not to take a bath or shower for a couple of days to ensure complete healing of their injuries. Washing the surgical incision immediately may disturb its natural healing process. The stitches holding the surgical wound might weaken prematurely. Moreover, the incision may get infected from being submerged in water.

Nonetheless, patients often find it bothersome to avoid baths. The sweat and dirt accumulated can make them feel sticky and uncomfortable. Moreover, patients tend to be more irritable when they don’t feel fresh and clean.

Adventure and survival gear brand, Surviveware, has a breakthrough product that works as a useful alternative to bathing during camping trips and even works well for post-surgery care.

Their Biodegradable Wet Wipes are formulated to be hypoallergenic and alcohol-free which makes it good for patient care. Cleaning oneself is convenient as one wipe can clean the entire body. Plus, these wet wipes are scent-free, making them suitable for those who are sensitive to scented products.

The hypoallergenic formula and the durability of the wipes make them suitable for use by post-op patients. Apart from keeping them clean and fresh, these wipes are convenient to use. They contain a significant amount of moisture that helps in the cleansing of grime and sweat.

One of Surviveware’s customers recommended the use of the Biodegradable wet wipes to those who have just undergone surgery. She narrated her experience in using these wipes in this review,

“Unlike many of the other reviewers, the only adventure that I went on is to an operating room. I recently had moderate hip surgery including a transplant and was left with many restrictions while my joint heals. I am several days post op now and am allowed to shower; my restrictions limit me to the point that I need someone to assist me. I am only 29 years old and am in otherwise great health; I don't want to have to have someone help me bathe myself, and I am sure most people who have limited mobility feel the same way. These wipes allow me to do that.

- NO FRAGRANCE. - Thank you, thank you, thank you! These wipes have ZERO fragrance which when you are on multiple nausea-inducing medicines is a godsend.
- Large Size - It only takes two of these wipes to thoroughly clean from neck to toes.
- Thick - These wipes are ultra-thick and are not going to tear or shred as you scrub a dub.
- Perfect Amount of Moisture - These wipes have the perfect balance of moisture without being drippy.
- Actually Cleans - I feel gross even saying this, but I have not had an actual shower in 5 days. I have used this product every other day and look, feel, and smell clean. This product leaves no residue, and there is no need to rinse.

Thank you Surviveware! I am so glad that you make a product that allows me to bathe myself without having to smell like old lady florals or powdery baby butt.”

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