Surviveware's Biodegradable Shower Wipes Commended for Cleanliness

Surviveware's Biodegradable Shower Wipes are praised as a practical water-less bathing solution.

The Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes are receiving praise from its users for its convenience when a shower is not possible.

Surviveware's biodegradable shower wipes are large and rugged. At 8 x 12 inches each, these wipes are 20-30% larger than the average wet wipe, meaning a single cloth can be used to clean one's entire body. They are unscented, which is perfect for those with sensitivities. Unlike other wipes that dry out skin, Surviveware's wipes are Hypoallergenic, PH Balanced, Alcohol-Free, and contain Aloe and Vitamin E. This means skin will stay healthier and nourished for longer, and the wipes can be used on the kids and baby without worrying about skin irritations.

Hygiene is a crucial aspect of daily care for everyone, but can be made more difficult to maintain due to forces outside of one’s control, which is where wet wipes come in handy for ensuring cleanliness and sanitation no matter the situation. While Surviveware’s biodegradable shower wipes were developed for use while camping or hiking, many Surviveware customers are lauding the wipes for a variety of uses born out of necessity, due to power outages or frozen pipes, as recently experienced by this reviewer, “Finally got a chance to use these. Was up at the ski resort and my water froze (as usual) so I needed them. I was buying a different product but they were scented and small. These things are the size of a normal wash rag so they go a lot further than the smaller ones. No smell to them at all and they definitely do the job.”

Surviveware shower wipes are multi-functional, so they can be used in a pinch to clean off cooking equipment, dirty camping gear, and anything else that may be soiled. Their unique recipe is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the mud-caked mountain biker or even for military personnel, according to this review by Dave, “My son is a U.S. Marine. I sent these to him to use while he's training in the field where showers are a luxury. He loves them!”

Amanda Condry, co-founder of Surviveware, stated, “It has been gratifying to hear from our customers how they have used our wipes in a variety of circumstances - post-op, at the gym, at work, mountain climbing, on an airplane, during a power outage. We aimed to make the wipes as versatile as possible, through their composition, packaging and biodegradability.”

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