Surviveware Trauma Shears Cut Through the Competition

Surviveware's Trauma Shears have received 200 resoundingly positive reviews on Amazon.

Surviveware, a leading retailer of outdoor and adventure gear, is pleased to share that its trauma shears have reached 200 reviews on Amazon.

The Surviveware trauma shears are constructed of 7 ½ inch stainless steel bonded blades, and are coated with a black fluoride non-stick surface. Due to their composition, they are strong enough to cut through seat belts, jeans, and even pennies, but their blunt tip makes it safe to cut close to one's skin. The blunt end allows the shears to move safely across a person's skin, without cutting or puncturing the skin, while cutting off restricting fabric, whether clothing or a seat belt. Trauma shears are the go-to tool for military paramedics, police officers, medical personnel, and trauma nurses, due to their strength and safety in practice, such as recent reviewer Charlene, “Love these safety scissors, very safe and easy to find inside my nurse bag. I use this for all my wound care treatment. Will definitely recommend this to my co-workers.”

Trauma shears, though designed for professional medical use, are simple and safe enough for everyone to keep in their first aid kits, thanks to their blunt tip. Trauma shears are quickly gaining popularity among outdoorsmen, who use the shears as a safe alternative to pocket knives or multi-tools. They are also popular with preppers and first aid enthusiasts, who look to be prepared for the next disaster, or trauma. The popularity of Surviveware trauma shears among non-medical personnel is seen in this recent review by Jon, “I was hoping I’d never have to use them but believe it or not I had to use my shears a little after I received them. My uncle crashed his motorcycle and I used them to cut through his jeans to address his road rash and they cut amazingly! I will for sure be carrying these in my trauma kit!”

"We are really excited about our trauma shears," said Amanda Condry, co-founder of Surviveware. "They are the perfect complement to any trauma bag or first aid kit, and also great for use in everyday situations. They are suitable for adventures as well - cutting through rope or tarp, for example. We are continuously surprised to hear from the wide range of our customers and how they are applying the shears to their everyday lives. It makes us glad that we created these shears to last through anything and everything, as always, with the lifetime guarantee offered on all our products.”

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