Supremasea’s Formulations Expected to be Game Changers

Supremasea’s latest formulations will be available in major marketplaces in the coming days.

Thermalabs Supremasea brand announced that their formulations will be available in the retail domain within the next couple of days. This announcement comes at a time when the company is intensifying promotional efforts in order to open doors for the holiday shopping season. Apparently, Thermalabs has attained significant success with the string of discounts and offers it has rolled out in recent days, but the company appears poised to launch Supremasea’s products before Christmas Eve.

Thermalabs is a New York-based company that has become popular in the cosmetics industry due to its production of top quality self-tanning formulations. The company recently celebrated its second birthday, marking it with numerous sales discounts and chained promotional offers. Thermalabs has managed to attain record success, especially for a company that’s just 2 years old. One of the main reasons why the New York startup has managed to break the glass ceiling in an overly competitive industry is its ability to provide consist value to its client base. Where a lot of companies focus on maximizing profits, Thermalabs seems to be committed to providing a wide range of self-tanning products that will help users shun sun-bathing and instead attain a healthy and attractive tan – organically. Supremasea is a new brand launched by Thermalabs, and that aims to ride on the market success of the existing company to expand its market and increase Thermalabs product portfolio. The new brand will focus exclusively on Dead Sea mineral based products.

So far, Supremasea has announced two formulations for products that are almost at the production stage. This means that in the coming days or weeks, users will be able to access the immense benefits of Dead Sea mineral in a few of the company’s products. It’s expected that the new launches will sell exclusively on, following past marketing behavior by the company. The first product under Supremasea is a tan enhancer product that will moisturize and protect the skin. This product features a combination of Dead Sea minerals and natural oils that are useful for the skin. The tan enhancer lotion is applied after tanning and eliminates the need for people to keep re-applying their tan. The second and last formulation announced as part of this brand is Thermalabs Body Scrub Exfoliator, a cleaning, and scrubbing solution that features microscopic granules of Dead Sea salts in combination with natural oils such as wheat germ oil and sesame seed oil. This product softens and cleans the skin. It also rejuvenates and stimulates it, contributing to optimal skin health. Based on their formulations, these products are expected to be game changers that will send the competition running for their money. Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world, and all the company’s products appear aligned to the achievement of that goal. The new formulations under the Supremasea brand will likely help the company expand its market reach, and tap into a new niche that’s still largely unexhausted.

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