Support Revenue Launches New Money Making Opportunity

Support Revenue offers those with no experience or background in technical support the opportunity to make a size-able income through their innovative new services.

Anyone looking for a new way to make a great income will be interested to learn about the new money making opportunity from Support Revenue. This company offers those with no technical background or experience the opportunity to make money by creating their own support network to offer to their friends, family and others. This support system works for personal computers, laptops, smart phones, business computers and just about any other internet capable device.

Steve Marco, a student who is making money through this innovative new program from support revenue says, “I never felt that this would be so awesome, Now I earn $700 dollar a month as my friends keeps on calling my virtual support number.”

The Support Revenue system offers unique virtual tech support numbers which can be rented out for $9 per month. This monthly rental fee is rebated as soon as five paying callers have come in. This phone number can be used to market tech support services via all types of marketing and advertising venues such as social media marketing or even printing business cards. A free website is given to each person that rents a phone number for additional marketing.

The calls that are made to this phone number are received and cared for by technical support professionals and all revenues are shared on a fifty-fifty basis with whoever is renting that particular number. With the growing numbers of technical support calls that are coming in, and those looking for additional income, the Revenue Support System promises to be a winning combination for those who are looking for a quick and easy way to make extra money for themselves and their families.

About Support Revenue:
Mike Jain, founder of Support Revenue realized that the high numbers of calls that are being made by those who need support for their internet capable devices are making billions of dollars a year in income for those who offer tech support. In order to help stay at home moms, college students and others looking for a great money making opportunity the chance to capitalize on sales, without having to have any sort of technical degrees or knowledge, support revenue was formed.

Contact Info:
Name: Mike Jain
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Organization: Support Revenue
Phone: 646-652-6683

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