Support environmental protection and create a common cause : the first GECH global press conference ended successfully

The ultimate goal of GECH is to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

On June 22, the GECH global press conference was held in Changsha, Hunan Province.The event was quite spectacular, with a large number of celebrities and a long queue at the check-in place. The enthusiastic and positive atmosphere on the scene laid a wonderful beginning for this conference.

This conference was launched around the GECH environmental protection industry ecological platform, which meant to analyze the development trend of global environmental protection industry with many environmental protection industry personages, discussed the application of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the environmental protection industry, and proposed more environmental protection industry solutions.
 Fred, the representative of GECH Asia Pacific, attended the scene and delivered a speech by the organizer. He said: Changsha, Hunan Province is an important central city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and is also a comprehensive reform pilot area of "resource-saving society and environment-friendly society".It is a major strategic deployment for the state to implement the scientific outlook on development, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and transform the mode of economic development. It is also a major strategic layout to promote regional coordinated development and build an important fulcrum for the rise of central China.The ultimate goal of GECH is to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. GECH hopes to know more entrepreneurs of environmental protection industry, discuss environmental protection development plan, penetrate and integrate with domestic environmental protection industry, realize technology settlement and application, and give full play to GECH's positive role in environmental protection. 

Then entered the first round of signing: the signing ceremony between The One and GECH.The One and GECH will reach strategic cooperation in the field of technology. Both sides will provide high-quality technical resources in their respective fields of expertise, and combine to form a new industrial ecology.
Subsequently, Wang Liqing, President of The One, gave a keynote speech on the new trend of 2020 chain reform. 2020 is a year full of challenges and opportunities. In this year, many small and medium-sized enterprises were faced with bankruptcy and many industries were dismissed, resulting in the sharp contraction of the whole market economy.In the same year, on July 14, the national development and Reform Commission issued an initiative to vigorously develop the digital economy, making the digital economy a new trend in the current economic construction. The premise of developing the digital economy is that the industry should carry out digital reform and chain reform. Through the chain reform, the industry can once again radiate new vitality. A large number of successful cases have proved that the road of chain reform is undoubtedly the trend of the times. The strategic cooperation between The One and GECH will also play a leading role in the reform of traditional environmental protection industry chain. 
The second round of signing is the signing ceremony between Befinx exchange and GECH. Befinx exchange will reach strategic cooperation with GECH, marking that Befinx exchange has officially entered the field of environmental protection industry. It will build a trading system based on environmental protection industry platform to realize the data and assets of environmental protection industry in various countries, regions, enterprises, associations, society and individuals in the world. To achieve efficient and reliable circulation, sharing and exchange, and bring the stakeholders, regulatory agencies, industry associations and individuals of environmental protection industry data and assets into the organic governance system.
Then, on behalf of Swen, Befinx introduced the Befinx exchange to everyone present. As the world leading digital asset trading service provider, Befinx exchange is composed of more than 100 investment experts, risk control experts and investment research experts with senior background in finance and blockchain fields. Its core financial team has more than 10 years experience on average. It has unique digital asset financial evaluation, risk control management and operation system, support from top investment institutions, and The excellent technical team and powerful intelligence promote the rapid development of Befinx smart contract ecology, and provide safe, transparent, efficient, sharing and humanized digital asset trading and asset management services for global users.
Befinx exchange has obtained DCE license in Australia, MSB license in USA and MSB license in Canada. It is committed to becoming the safest digital asset trading platform in the world. Befinx exchange is currently in the process of upgrading and optimization, and is expected to be officially launched on October 31, which will provide secure and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services for millions of users in more than 130 countries.
The third round of signing is the signing ceremony between Меинтиан Kомпани(Mengtian mining Foreign Investment Co., Ltd) and GECH.

Меинтиан Kомпани expression that it would cherish the historic opportunity of close cooperation with GECH, effectively integrate traditional precious metal industry with blockchain, and escort GECH environmental protection with strength and visible gold! 
Finally, Jiaxin, the business representative of Меинтиан Kомпани in China, delivered a keynote speech on the new trend of 2020 chain reform. She pointed out that GECH environmental protection enterprise skillfully embedded the cutting-edge technology of blockchain into the environmental protection cause, and the idea of caring for the earth was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and widely spread with the help of the powerful node interconnection power of the blockchain. The active participation of people is a great blessing for environmental protection. Меинтиан Kомпани fully supports GECH, and will take out 15066A gold mine located in the central province of Mongolia, zamur Sumu mining area, with an area of more than 206.67 hectares and 160 tons of explored reserves, to escort GECH.

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