Supply Chain Precision adds Rydoo Expense Management to the Digital Platform

Supply Chain Precision have developed their digital platform further, adding another time-saving tool for effective expense management.

Expense fraud costs the UK £2billion a year, and Supply Chain Precision are putting steps in place to ensure that their clients do not make up this statistic.

A trading arm of Demand Solutions (Europe) Limited, Supply Chain Precision, SCP, is a worldwide leader in Demand Solutions® software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain planning software. Making sure that they continue to improve their service forward, Supply Chain Precision are committed to enhancing the functionality of their software, and this is shown by the addition of Rydoo Expense Management to their portfolio.

With 5% of annual revenue lost to intentional and unintentional cost fraud, they believe this is a critical service to offer their customers.

Supply Chain Precision: Improving The Supply Chain
Supply Chain Precision provides solutions for distributors and manufacturers that are designed to enhance all elements of the supply chain. Their solutions are focused on delivering customer benefits by offering exception management across the entire supply chain, ensuring all clients can quickly change whenever the landscape changes in their business and sector.

Expense Management As A Vital Part Of Digital Transformation
SCP view expense management as another vital component in the digital transformation process. They are excited to give their customers the ability to save time processing expenses, no matter where they are working from. Having the ability to capture their expenses on the fly through their smartphones streamlines administration, avoids costly mistakes, and improve compliancy. As many firms are in the process of reducing office space, it frees up paper storage space and reduces a company's environmental impact.

A lot of businesses find expense management as a burden. A high non-compliancy rate can be costly. Missing out on local tax returns is also a concern. It's a heavy workload for both controllers and claimers. By making expense claiming simpler and reimbursing staff sooner, it's a win for all involved.

When SCP met with Rydoo and learned about how they helped companies in retail, construction, pharma and aviation industries save 20 hours a week whilst increasing productivity, they saw an immediate fit for their supply chain customers.

“We are delighted to partner with Rydoo in this Business-Critical Area for our customers who are transitioning to working digitally.” Alex Young Managing & Commercial Director

To learn more about Rydoo and Supply Chain Precision please contact: Supply Chain Precision A5 Clover House, John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Whitstable, Kent CT5 3QZ t: +44 (0) 1227 949 506

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