Suparatana Bencharongkul Launches Personal Website Nina Bench To Promote Her Work

The Deputy COO of Rakbankerd Co. has launched a personal website and Instagram account to further her agriculture work, hoping to connect with more Thai farm owners via online outreach.

Nina Bench is the brand-new website for Suparatana Bencharongkul, designed to give people further insight into her work. The site will provide a new platform through which to educate more people than ever about technological opportunities within the agricultural sector. The website has been designed to give a thorough profile of Suparatana, while sharing detailed insights from her work. She has also launched a new Instagram account.

The Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul Instagram gives a look into her personal life, with excerpts from her home life and activities outside of the workplace, to help people find inspiration on food, nightlife, lifestyle, fashion and more. As a successful young businesswoman, she has much to offer the world beyond the specialisms of her industry, and Instagram is a great platform for her to do it.

The website itself provides a biography, together with information on her role as an agri-tech specialist, her background and career, and resources designed to help educate farmers on how agri-tech can transform their practices and profit margins simultaneously. Farming is an increasingly competitive business in Thailand, and has to be managed carefully to compete. Her data-focused research is leading the innovations that can save the industry.

A spokesperson for Suparatana "Neung" Bencharongkul explained, “The new website and Instagram have been created to help celebrate the role of a dynamic and passionate woman, making waves in a specialist and typically male-dominated industry. These contributions are often lost in the internal workings of companies, but can have a powerful, broader impact when shared with the public. Her expertise, research and insights are transforming farms throughout Thailand, and she has been instrumental in innovating new approaches. Now, if you want to find out about her work, you can simply visit her Website to find out more about Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul.”

About Suparatana "Neung" Bencharongkul: Suparatana "Neung" Bencharongkul is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Rakbankerd Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Benchachinda Group. She is an agricultural technology pioneer in Thailand, leading a team of agriculture specialists who conduct tests, collate and analyse samples, and compile reports the many factors that affect agricultural production. Using her unique telecommunications platform, these reports educate farmers, seed suppliers, and more about the potential improvements that can enhance efficiency and increase the profitability of farm business.

Contact Info:
Name: Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul
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Organization: Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul
Address: 499 Benchachinda Bldg., Kamphaeng Phet Road., Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
Phone: 6620165555

Release ID: 287301