Summer Travel Leads to an Increase in Traffic Tickets in Many States

Denver traffic lawyer warns citizens to slow down and practice safe driving this summer.

As summer brings in all its glory, millions of Americans will take to the open roads, looking for adventure and fun. Drivers often have their minds on more than the road, leading them to put the pedal to the medal. In the state of Colorado, there are specific penalties for speeding and they can become expensive. While a Class A or B infraction will typically cost under a $100, a Class 1 Misdemeanor can land a person in jail. Philip M. Smith, Denver traffic lawyer, recently spoke warning drivers to heed traffic laws.

"Every summer, there is an increase in clients calling my office regarding speeding tickets and traffic infractions. People are in a rush to get to their vacation destinations and sometimes find themselves breaking the law in the process. I advise my clients to take extra precautions during the summer and give themselves plenty of time to reach their destination. Slowing down and taking your time can save your wallet this summer."

Many people are surprised they could end up spending a year in jail for a traffic misdemeanor if convicted. For instance, going 25 mph or over in a construction zone in Denver can bring a penalty of up to $1000 in ticket fees and a minimum of ten days in jail. Heeding the speeding laws and rules of the road this summer will help drivers to avoid needless penalties that could even result in the loss of their license.

"Even a few miles over the limit can lead to a ticket, so it is best to err on the side of caution. Set your cruise control and ensure you remain at or below the speed limit. If you do find yourself in trouble with the law, my office is prepared to help. Even those who have broken the law have rights afforded to them. As a Denver traffic lawyer, it is my job to protect a defendant's rights and guide them in their defense," says Attorney Philip M. Smith.

As people take to the open road this summer, following the law and practicing safe driving should be at the forefront of their minds. Those who ignore the warning may find themselves needing the services of an attorney such as Philp M. Smith to help reduce the ramifications they suffer.

"If a driver lives out of town and has the misfortune of receiving a speeding ticket or a speeding ticket in a construction zone such as around Denver International Airport or traveling on E-470, they do not have to return to Denver to fight the ticket." Attorney Smith will appear in traffic court on your behalf if you are out of state or otherwise unable to go to court.

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