Summer Break Brings Increased Child Safety Risks

Quality Garage Doors reminds homeowners and others to perform routine maintenance and keep children's safety in mind this season.

It's likely no surprise to anyone that the Centers for Disease Control reports that swimming injuries and drowning numbers go up significantly in the warmer months, and that June through August are prime months for such accidents. With children off of school and families enjoying outdoor activities together, more people are engaging in such activities to begin with, which naturally increases the risks. But poolside isn't the only area parents and homeowners should monitor during summer months. Garage doors can be a danger to children too.

Both manual and automatic garage doors can be a risk for children throughout the entire year, but with kids potentially playing outdoors around homes more often during summer break, those risks increase. Doors that aren't in appropriate repair can present sharp edges or other hazards, leading to cuts and injuries. Without the proper maintenance, garage doors could fall or close at inappropriate times, trapping children below or causing abrasions, head injuries or broken bones.

Even if a garage door is in working condition and well-maintained, it could pose a risk, especially if children use the door unsupervised. Sometimes, kids try to "ride" the door, holding on to it as it raises. This is obviously dangerous for the child and the door, as it could cause the mechanisms that lift the door to malfunction. Kids can also fall and hurt themselves or get caught up in the door or gears.

Even if kids are simply trying to get in and out of the garage, they can get their fingers, hair or even full limbs caught in the door or gears. Parents and other adults should monitor kids — especially small children — when they are playing or standing near such doors. By talking to kids about the proper use of the door, keeping an eye on them and prohibiting them from playing with the door, parents can reduce injury risks.

Homeowners who haven't had routine maintenance performed on their doors all year may want to do so as summer kicks off. If homeowners have been dealing with garage door issues or putting off repairs, June is always a good time to handle those issues. Quality Garage Doors offers maintenance and garage door repair services in the Manasas, Fairfax and Culpepper areas.

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