Success Aligned LLC Offers WordPress Security Services in Response to Brute-Force Attacks

Hackers are using Brute-force and Botnet attacks against unsecured WordPress websites. Success Aligned Marketing has responded with an affordable WordPress Security Service for businesses.

Increased risks of hackers, data theft, viruses, and targeted brute-force attacks are reinforcing the need for businesses to heighten and prioritize WordPress website security. Website security is critical for all businesses with an online presence.

The increase of security vulnerabilities and sophisticated attacks on the web over the last few weeks makes it essential that all businesses using WordPress or any platform to take immediate steps to secure WordPress business websites as soon as possible. Tech agencies are reporting that these attacks are far from over, and in fact are expected to increase in the coming weeks.

Reasons why these attacks matter:

1. These attacks use brute-force techniques to log into WordPress dashboards (often using the common "admin" username) and then plant malicious code into the compromised blogs and sites.
2. This particular brute-force flood of attacks appear to be trying to access WordPress sites and implant a code for Blackhole Exploit Kit redirection pages.
3. Once they are in, it makes it very easy for them to return at will, and access the compromised website.
4. Minimally, a website could end up redirecting to an external site that has nothing to do with the business, and may even contain a message from a hacker.
5. If businesses do not have a pre-hacked backup of their site, it may be impossible to re-create the website and the content on the website. Without current backups, this process will be very costly, and potentially impossible.
6. If this happens, the business and brand can be negatively impacted.

The most recent widespread brute-force Botnet attacks highlight the need for an affordable WordPress Website Security service for small and medium-sized businesses, and Success Aligned Marketing responded. Success Aligned created an affordable website security audit that checks twelve key factors and vulnerabilities within WordPress, and implements the necessary code to correct and secure the site.

This WordPress website security service makes it significantly more difficult for even the most determined hacker to access WordPress sites. Success Aligned also provides backup services, hosting, and security maintenance services to businesses across the US to ensure their websites are updated, and as secure as possible.

Kate Saunders, CEO of Success Aligned explained, “It is our objective to put our clients' minds at ease when it comes to the security of their WordPress website and online business visibility. We created a service to meet the critical need for WordPress website security that includes scanning for viruses and Botnets, securing the WordPress installation, and providing additional security maintenance services to meet this growing demand. This provides assurance to our clients and allows them the freedom to run their business knowing we will monitor their website security."

The Success Aligned Marketing blog contains articles with the minimum steps required to secure any WordPress website.

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