Study Reveals the Things Americans Would Willingly Give Up for Sound Sleep

Mattress Advisor releases study results to showcase the need for better sleep.

Many people do not get the eight hours of sleep that is recommended for good health. Those who do sleep this length of time sometimes find themselves tossing and turning because of discomfort. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the mattress people choose to sleep on can have a significant effect on their quality of sleep. A recent study published by Mattress Advisor shows just how important sleep is to Americans.

Mattress Advisor recently conducted a study to find out how important sleep is to the average person. They surveyed 1000 participants and asked them what they would be willing to give up forever in exchange for a sound sleep each night. Before revealing the results, Mattress Advisor stated a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic estimates around 70 million Americans have trouble falling asleep. Alesandra Woolley, a representative of Mattress Advisor recently spoke on the study results.

"We were truly amazed at the responses we were given to the study. Since our company was established, we have learned just how big a problem sleep really is for many people. We work exhaustively to help people determine where their sleep issues are stemming from, so they can be given practical solutions. We test hundreds of mattress brands in our sleep lab and provide unbiased information to help people make the right mattress purchase."

The study found 53% of participants would give up alcohol as long as they were guaranteed a good sleep every night. The second most common reply was social media. Of the participants, 44% said they would give up social media forever if it meant they could get a sound night's sleep each night. Some said they would give up pizza and even a few responded that they would give up their political affiliation.

"People are finding a lack of sleep is disrupting every area of their lives. This study confirmed our work is needful and is helping so many people overcome the obstacles that were preventing them from getting the deep level of sleep their body needs. We welcome the press to help us spread the word," says Woolley.

Those who are suffering from a lack of sleep may find themselves dealing with cognition problems, depression, and even a reduced immune system response. Companies like Mattress Advisor are poised to help people fall asleep more easily and stay asleep, waking rested and ready to face their day.

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