Study Finds New Garage Door Installation May Significantly Increase Home Value

A Study Done by Remodeling Magazine Has Found That New Garage Door Installations May Increase a Home's Value by $1,500.

Remodeling magazine has reported that, in a study of 29 home installation projects, new garage door installation came in close to the top of the list of most efficient upgrades, with homeowners nationwide earning an average of $1,345 in increased home value. The study, which tracks project costs and potential returns across 99 markets, found even higher returns in the Virginia area, where a new garage door added up to $1,517 in 2016.

These numbers make a new garage door installation one of the most efficient ways Virginia homeowners can increase the value of their homes. In the same year the study data was collected, an average installation nationwide cost around $1,561. That means Virginia garage customers recovered an amazing 97.2 percent of the costs of installing a new garage door in the year the study period considered.

Other popular home improvements, many of them done specifically for their effect on resale values, don't come close to that 97.2 percent return. Adding a bathroom, for instance, cost an average of $38,869 but only added $22,447 to a home's value, a return rate of only 57.8 percent. Major kitchen remodels, the study found, were even more disappointing, with just 64 percent, on average, of the installation cost being realized in increased home value.

This dramatic finding may go a long way toward explaining the popularity of new garage door installations among homeowners across the country. Another 2016 study found that, out of 70 million American homes over 20 years old, more than 2.5 million get a new garage door installed each year. Those rates are even higher in Virginia, the Carolinas and the metro DC/Capitol Corridor area. This is possibly due to the harder winters and higher-than-average prevalence of homes with garages in the Mid-Atlantic/Southern Coast region.

Whatever the cause of the regional increase, Virginia homeowners are clearly profiting from the decision to upgrade their automatic garage doors before investing in any other home improvement projects. Whether it's a long-overdue replacement for an old door that's past its prime or the work is being done in preparation for putting the house on the local market, a new garage door installation clearly makes sense for homeowners looking to get the most bang for their renovation buck.

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