Strong Closet Organizers Are Made In The USA Certified

Consumers and American business owners worried about other companies making claims about products being “made in the USA” when they were not.

EZ Shelf, a popular manufacturer and distributor of DIY closet systems and organizers, has announced their new Made in the USA certification status. Manufacturers of all kinds of products have faced increasing pressure. Consumers want products made in the USA instead of China. American jobs are on the line, and many consumers also worry about sweat shops, child workers, etc.

Why does this matter? Many consumers are understandably skeptical about claims made by companies. This is where the certification process comes in. Made in USA Certified® has remained the nation’s top 3rd party independent certifier ever since it was created in 2008. The founders wanted to combat the challenging environment that honest manufacturers face every day. American business owners have to compete against imports that often underprice them by cutting quality and paying lower wages to employees overseas. Consumers can’t always tell the difference, though.

Consumers and American business owners worried about other companies making claims about products being “made in the USA” when they were not. With limited oversight, they could get away with fooling the average American consumer and beating out competition from American manufactures. With no universal image that indicated a “made in the USA” product and no specific standards or certification program, even large retailers such as Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and others weren’t always sure what claims their suppliers were making. . This was when this certification was created to identify products made in the USA.

Why Did EZ Shelf Seek Out Made in the USA Certified®?

In the past, “Made in the USA” and “Made in America” stickers were everywhere. There was no way to verify the truth of these stickers or know what the standards were, if any. In the meantime, consumers were being barraged with reports of contaminated products from third world countries. They heard about “American-Made” products being manufactured or assembled in other countries or territories. The DIY closet organizer and the expandable shelving was no exception.

EZ Shelf executives are concerned about declining jobs in American manufacturing plants. They also expressed the belief that consumers have the right to know where their products are coming from.

EZ Shelf has always promised superior quality, affordable pricing and a life time guarantee on all their closet organizer systems. Now the company not only has all their products independently certified for “Made in the USA”, but also produces their products with the highest quality prime steel and virgin plastics

EZ Shelf describes themselves saying, “We are proud to be an American manufacturer and employer of all genders, races, and ethnicities.” With the backing of the nation’s leading certifier, they now offer independent verification of their claims.

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