Strategic Founding Of New Company To Ascend Businesses During Current Crisis

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A Purposeful And Impactful Move To Recover And Elevate Businesses

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Grand Royal Creative was founded earlier this year by three established corporations - Teng Brothers Pte Ltd, Marketing 007 Pte Ltd, and Suah & Teng Pte Ltd - which have been providing a key range of services to SMEs, ranging from digital marketing, finance, accounting, taxation to business consultancy.

In particular, Teng Brothers Pte Ltd is an established corporate consultancy firm which had recently hit the headlines on multiple news outlets for the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist SMEs in improving their operations.

The establishment brings about an integration of critical services across multiple disciplines aimed at providing enhanced value and stronger support for new and existing clients.
This move comes as businesses in Singapore attempt to deal with the harsh effects of the pandemic. Sectors related to services and manufacturing are particularly hit hard. In contrast, Grand Royal Creative has achieved significant growth due to their flexibility in adapting to challenging situations.

Furthermore, Grand Royal Creative has managed to guide multiple businesses through the Covid-19 crisis that has plagued the business world in the last few months. This is made possible via the implementation of unique and innovative strategies developed by Grand Royal Creative to overcome various challenges encompassing businesses across multiple industries.

Grand Royal Creative has avoided employing one-size-fits-all strategies, which are used by plenty of agencies. Instead, this entrepreneurial company focuses on a customer-centric approach by understanding each client’s needs and situation. They also extended a helping hand to companies struggling for survival due to cashflow difficulties through financing and loan consultations as the economy gradually reopens.

This new bespoke strategy to every individual client has earned numerous rave reviews from their clients.
Clients that have benefited include reputable financial institutions, engineering firms and businesses providing professional services, which are some industries adversely affected by the pandemic due to offline meeting restrictions.

At the forefront of Grand Royal Creative stands Brayden Teng Wei Sheng, a young and aspiring leader who is leading a competent team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience.
Under his capable stewardship, Brayden already has an excellent track record in helping SMEs adhere to regulatory requirements for their operations, bridging loans for companies, as well as garnering numerous sales leads and engaging with their intended audience, which translates into improved revenues.

The leadership team’s vast business experiences across other disciplines such as accounting, corporate secretarial services, SMEs consultancy and banking facilities like corporate funding has handed them a further advantage in aiding companies to tide through this trying period.

As the saying goes, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

What Grand Royal Creative has achieved and the direction it is heading towards since its inauguration certainly serves as a testament to this quote.

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Name: Brayden Teng
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Organization: Grand Royal Creative