Storobin Law Firm Lowers Their Retainer Fees To Make Top Quality Family Law More Accessible

Storobin Law Firm has made their retainer on family law cases more affordable than ever to ensure individuals have the best chance to make a difference to the fate of their family.

Family law exists to protect families, but it is all too often manipulated to exact punitive measures on individuals, whether it be through divorce, alimony, visitation or orders of protection. As such, it is essential to secure the services of an excellent family lawyer to ensure things are done fairly and correctly. Storobin Law Firm is run by New York Family Attorney David Storobin, a former New York State Senator. They have just lowered their retainer fee to ensure the best access possible to individuals throughout the surrounding neighborhoods of New York.

The new rate for family law enables more people than ever to access amazing services from world-leading professionals, and includes family court appearances, family court petitions, prenuptial agreements and out of court work, effectively lowering the budget across the board for users.

The quality of service however is as high as ever, with a personal service tailored to the particulars of each client and case. Full biographies of the practice’s legal team reveal a powerful array of successful and experienced lawyers who can fight both sides of the argument, to ensure they can offer the best representation no matter the client’s predicament.

A spokesperson for Storobin Law Firm PLLC explained, “We fight for our client’s families as if they were our own, because we understand that there is nothing more important in people’s lives than family, and for all its efforts, the law in these matters is often all too easily subject to manipulation and punishing verdicts. That’s why we make sure our services are as affordable as possible, so individuals can get the best representation without having to break the bank. We believe family comes first, and when we work for you, you are our family.”

About Storobin Law Firm: Storobin Law Firm PLLC is a New York law firm providing the very best legal representation in custody, child support, prenuptial agreements and orders of protection, all at affordable fees. Their family attorney represents clients in the family courts in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester.

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