Stormwater Pumps from Global Water Offers Stormwater Treatment Solutions for Communities and Businesses across Australia

Global Water are market leaders in delivering world class potable water, wastewater and stormwater collection, pumping and treatment systems across Australia.

For over forty years, Global Water has collaborated with municipalities and civil contractors all over Australia, to deliver improved water quality, safe and enjoyable community spaces and provide alternative sources of water. This commitment to providing stormwater management solutions has been at the forefront of innovation development by the Global Water team.

Stormwater treatment is an essential aspect of the projects handled by Global Water. When working with clients, Global Water offers a range of products suitable for their proposed treatment train, with the choice of storm water pump suitable depending on the objective of the project.

The three products commonly used to execute stormwater treatment trains can include:

● Pollutant Trap – GPTs are an economical solution for removing gross pollutants, such as floating debris and silt from stormwater run-off. These traps add to the efficiency and useful life of stormwater tanks downstream

● Stormwater Bypass Interceptor – These interceptors, ideal for small catchment areas in loading docks and car parks, not only remove gross pollutants, and fine silt from stormwater, but captures hydrocarbons and other light-liquid pollutants.

● Inground Pollution Treatment Device – This tank successfully traps and removes oil particles via a coalescing filter, allowing the clean water to pass through and continue to the drainage system.

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The company takes pride in its ability to deliver world-class energy efficiency and low operational expenses for stormwater treatment. Other projects undertaken by the Global Water include those related to wastewater treatment, pump stations, submersible pumps, potable water treatment. Global Water has been involved in numerous developments across Australia, with the team achieving excellence across all industries and projects.

Elaborating on how Global Water has achieved excellence through innovation, Sean Bunyon, Business Development Manager said,

“We source advanced, cutting-edge products from across the world, and draw on 40 years of knowledge to provide reliable and efficient water treatment and pumping systems for small to large projects. Our engineers provide expert guidance to define system processes, optimize plant efficiency, and choose fit-for-purpose equipment that adheres to industry specifications and regulatory standards.”

Global Water offers complete turn-key solutions, and works one-on-one with consultants to create pre-treatment, core process and post-filtration and dosing systems.

Sean highlights Global Water’s experienced technical services team who have industry experience, engineering knowledge and the ability to cater to all your water requirements,

“Our products meet industry standards and guidelines and are a testament to our manufacturing accreditations and strict water authority standards,” says Sean.

Global Water works with you to design and develop complete water solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and low operational costs. Effective stormwater treatment is one aspect of Global Water’s portfolio of world-class products and services.

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