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Items need to be properly packed to ensure they are not damaged during the time they are kept in storage, announces

The self-storage industry currently brings in approximately $22 billion a year and is home to more than 2.3 billion square feet of storage space. Individuals across America continue to make use of Storage Units in Miami to hold items they currently aren't using. However, many times an owner returns to the unit to find the items have been damaged as they weren't properly packed for storage. To reduce the risk of damage, ensure every item is packed appropriately. Following are some tips to make this process easier.

"First and foremost, make certain all fragile items are protected. Wrap each item individually and place it in a box that has been reinforced. This adds an extra layer of protection. Be sure to fill any gaps with a filler material or paper to provide cushioning, and mark the box as fragile. This alerts others to the contents of the box so extra care may be taken when it is moved," Matthew Clark, spokesperson for Storage Post, recommends.

One thing to keep in mind when packing boxes is they should be filled completely. Although a half-full box is lighter, items within this box can move around when they are transported. Furthermore, the sides or corners may collapse, as they don't have an additional layer of support. If there are numerous open spaces in a box, make use of newspaper or foam peanuts to fill these areas. Don't hesitate to add more items to the box also, so long as doing so does not make the box too heavy.

"The goal should be to evenly distribute the weight in each box. A heavy box cannot be lifted or it may be dropped during transport as the person cannot easily carry it. In contrast, a light box that isn't completely full presents the challenges mentioned above. Try to find the right balance between the two for the best results," Clark continues.

Learn how to pack different types of items before placing them in Storage Units in Baton Rouge. For example, books need to be packed flat to ensure there is no damage to the spine when they are stored. Wipe down any appliances and place them in the storage unit with the door ajar and the cord wrapped so it is not accidentally damaged during the move. Place any fabric items in vacuum-sealed bags to protect from insect damage also.

"By taking the time to learn how to pack different items for storage, a person can protect the items to be kept in the unit. Visit our site today for more information on packing different materials as well as when to used climate controlled storage facilities. The more a person does to prepare items for storage, the more likely it is the items will come out of the unit in the same condition they went in," Clark explains.

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