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The average American household now contains 300,000 items and individuals often find they lack the space they need for their family. Storage units can be of help, announces

According to the LA Times, the average home in America contains 300,000 items. It's no wonder homes continue to get bigger, as people need somewhere to store all of this stuff. However, one in ten Americans find their residence is no longer big enough to contain their belongings so they make use of Storage Units in New Jersey. Many families have an abundance of toys, but women also love to collect clothes and shoes. Men have all types of hobbies that require gear also, and Storage Units in Jersey City can be of great help in holding these belongings when they are not needed.

"Many of the items stored in the home aren't truly needed on a regular basis. However, the individual does not want to get rid of the item, realizing it will be required again in the near future. Likewise, there are numerous items in the home that fall into this category, and all may be placed in a storage unit until they are needed again. This frees up valuable space in the home while ensuring the items remain safe and secure until their next use," Matthew Clark, spokesperson for Storage Post, explains.

People have multiple items in the home they do not use daily. In fact, the average woman now has a different outfit for every day of the month, according to Forbes magazine. As a result, many homes need more space, and this space can be provided by storage units. Individuals can store most items in a unit of this type and free up valuable space in the home, instead of going out and purchasing a larger house.

"While many people don't want to remove these items from the home, as they desire to have them easily accessible, doing so saves a person time. As this in short supply for the majority of people, this benefit alone will have many choosing to rent a storage unit," Clark continues.

In fact, the Daily Mail reported individuals spend the equivalent of 153 days during their lifetime looking for items they have misplaced. The average person loses as many as nine items each day, which works out to almost 200,000 over a lifetime. Remove clutter from the home and finding lost items, such as keys and sunglasses, becomes a much easier task.

"Storage units are an excellent way to remove any clutter from the home without getting rid of items that may be wanted or needed in the future. The person can then take time to decide if they truly need it or if it is time to let the item go. Rent a storage unit for three months, remove excess items from the home, and decide at that time whether to keep or get rid of the unit. Many will find the unit allows them to have the best of both worlds, as they can keep their possessions and still make space in the home," Clark states.

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