Storage Post Launches Storage Calculator to Help Clients with Size Questions

The easy to use and accurate storage calculator from helps clients find the perfectly sized unit for their belongings

A large percentage of people interested in renting Storage Units in Fort Lauderdale FL over- or underestimate the amount of space needed. When this happens, they are left having to spend more on a second unit, or with unused space they have to continue paying for.

In an effort to help reduce the issues that go along with finding the right size storage unit, Storage Post offers clients an easy to use, accurate storage calculator.

“Our easy to use calculator goes over a few important factors to determine how much storage space you need,” stated company representative Matthew Clark. “Once a few specific questions are answered, such as why you need storage, how much you plan to store, and whether or not you could move all your stuff in a single day, our calculator will provide you with an estimated space measurement. We believe our tool helps clients make this extremely difficult decision.”

Once a user accesses the online calculator, they will be guided through a serious of questions and multiple choice answers. Once they are provided a size estimate, they can further customize the quote by inputting exactly what is going into storage. With this information, the calculator is able to provide an even more accurate measurement.

“When searching for Storage Units in Brooklyn NY don’t you want to know that the staff has your back,” continued Clark. “We are so dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate estimate of their storage needs that we take the time to go over every aspect of what’s going into the space. This attention to detail is what helps us provide an accurate estimate for anyone in need of storage space.”

More information about renting a storage unit or access to the storage calculator can be found by visiting the Storage Post website.


Storage Post is an online resource website helping clients find out exactly how much storage space they need. Originally founded in 1998, Storage Post is led by Bruce C. Roch, Jr. a veteran in the storage industry. The mission of this company is to ensure customers have the information and resources needed to find the right storage solutions for their needs. With easy to use tools and resources, Storage Post goes above and beyond to ensure all customers are more than satisfied with the unit they ultimately rent.

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