Stop Drinking Expert Launches New Promotional Offers Prompted By Prevalent Stats

Offering an alternative to traditional alcohol use disorder treatments is the key to promoting success, publishes

According to information from numerous health research organizations, almost 2.5 million lives have been lost to alcohol this year alone. Another 76 million people are currently battling various alcohol use disorders. This is old news to Stop Drinking Expert ( creator Craig Beck who was once part of the global statistics. With the steady prevalence of alcoholism in mind, Beck has launched the latest range of promotional offers on his alcohol control program.

Said Beck, "Plenty of resources are available to those who struggle with alcohol dependence and abuse; unfortunately, many of them are highly ineffective. Cost leaves private rehab well out of reach for millions of people, and many programs amount to little more than replacing one addiction with another. AA meetings seem to be filled with harsh judgment and unfair labeling. After trying everything to no avail, I finally stumbled upon the solution on my own and decided to share it with the world. One of my goals was to make my program affordable for virtually everyone, but with the new discounts I've put into action, it's even more budget-friendly."

Based on information from the Stop Drinking Expert website,, the program has currently proven effective for more than 50,000 people. Beck's system operates on a step-by-step premise. Features include video coaching, downloadable files available for a variety of digital formats, life repair and hypnosis libraries, online group support and an array of additional materials.

Participants are guaranteed anonymity and given access to a nonjudgmental online community of fellow recovering alcohol use disorder sufferers. The program differs from AA in its overall approach to overcoming alcoholism as well as its ingrained elements. Further details, available plans, ordering information, pricing and discounts can be found at

Concluded Beck, "I understand as well as anyone the misery of alcohol abuse and just how difficult it is to stop drinking because I've been there. It took me five years to finally reach a breakthrough and discover the secret to breaking the vicious cycle, and that's why I created this affordable, private and fast-acting program; I didn't want others to struggle as long as I did. In less than three weeks, anyone caught in the throes of alcohol addiction can begin reclaiming their lives. There's no time like the present to get started and take advantage of not only my system, but these new promotional offers."

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Created from personal experience, Stop Drinking Expert is a comprehensive and effective step-by-step program designed to help control alcohol cravings and eliminate dependence.

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