Stone Paper® Adopts Blockchain to Transform Trade Experience Along Its Supply Chain

Blockchain has had a revolutionary impact on many industrial areas, and the supply chain industry is amongst the biggest gainers.

Stone Paper Global Technologies, the producer of quality Stone Paper® brand mineral paper, is pleased to announce that the company is adopting blockchain ledger for managing its supply chain.

Stone Paper® is adopting blockchain technology to enhance trade experience across its complex supply chain network. The company will thus move all of its business related activities on the blockchain to gain a real time view of the network of partners, contractors and suppliers. The benefits will result in a greater authenticity, transparency and trust.

Today's consumers want brands to guarantee product authenticity, while supply chain participants demand respopnsible sourcing and transparency.

Blockchain has been adopted in global supply chains as it allows easy and reliable tracking and keeps the entire system transparent. It also allows for capturing important data such as certifications. "Now more than ever, consumers deserve transparency, authenticity and efficiency. Blockchain technology is enabling us to disrupt the status quo and preserve the integrity, and accuracy of all information throughout our supply chain," said Sam Farhangi, Chairman & CEO of Stone Paper Global Technologies.

Stone Paper® material is an eco-friendly alternative made with mix of mineral powder and non- toxic resin. The material is like paper, but soft, silky and with a smooth texture. It is waterproof, fire resistant, and can also be repurposed to save the environment. The material is photodegradable, and leaves a minimal impact on the environment. No trees are used in making mineral paper, and there is no water pollution or damage to the environment.

Stone Paper Global Technologies has established intellectual properties in various forms in more than 96 countries and regions worldwide; including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East; to protect the integrity of its $15 billion global supply chain network. The company is actively promoting the use of sustainable waste management methods such as upcycling, repurposing and use of its Stone Paper® products as an affordable, eco-friendly product alternative.

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