Stock Photography Service Freerange Stock Launches New, Greatly Improved Website

With mobile-friendly design, secure HTTPS-everywhere service, new categories and keyword search, new site provides improved access to huge collection of free stock photos, Freerange Stock reports

Freerange Stock, one of the leading online sources for free stock photographs, launched a brand-new, greatly improved website. Featuring an attractive new design that works perfectly with devices of all kinds, the new website is now serving visitors to With over a half million registered users and thousands of contributing photographers, Freerange Stock has been providing cost-free, top-quality stock photography under a generous, no-attribution-needed, commercial or non-commercial license for over a decade.

"We're proud and excited to announce the launch of our terrific new site," says Freerange Stock president Chance Agrella. "This is the biggest upgrade in the history of our service, and the site has been very well received. Whether browsing on a smartphone or a personal computer, it is now easier than ever to view our huge collection of royalty-free photographs and keep up with the new images that are uploaded daily."

Thanks to the ubiquity of camera-bearing digital devices and the obsessive use of online social networks like Instagram and Facebook, photography is far more popular today than at any previous time in its history. Even if images are seemingly everywhere, finding properly-licensed, high-quality photographs for commercial use is not easy. In fact, it is more important than ever to legally source stock images, and Freerange offers images under a royalty-free commercial license.

Freerange Stock was founded in 2005 to provide universal, cost-free access to top-quality professional, stock photography. Making use of an innovative financial model whereby participating photographers are compensated through revenue from advertisements displayed on the pages of their creations, the site has since become one of the leading services of its kind.

With Freerange Stock's roster of registered users climbing above the half-million mark and brand new photographs uploaded every day, the company decided that a complete redesign was in order. The resulting new site features a number of important improvements that will make Freerange Stock even more useful and rewarding to use.

For one, it is now fully responsive, working perfectly with devices ranging from smartphones to personal computers with large screens. The new Freerange Stock website also runs entirely under the secure, encrypted HTTPS protocol, protecting the traffic of visitors and photographers alike.

A new categorization system will also make it simpler to find exactly what a visitor is looking for. Users can select from helpful categories like "Architecture" or "Food & Drink," browse the most popular photographs, or head to to have a look at the newest images.

For those with the most specific, definite needs, a powerful keyword search system also makes it simple to precisely filter the site's bounty of free stock photographs. The system makes even better use of Freerange Stock's longstanding commitment to extensively describing and tagging each and every photo it hosts, another feature that distinguishes it from competitors. Allowing for even easier, more convenient access to an unmatched collection of free stock photographs offered under a generous license with no attribution required, the new Freerange Stock website is available now.

About Freerange Stock:
Providing free, top-quality stock photographs under a generous license, Freerange Stock serves more than 500,000 registered users, with new images uploaded every day.

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