Steven Lorenzo, Accomplished Insurance Entrepreneur, Shares His Guidance for Life Success

Encourages young people to start businesses early in life and stay focused

Steven Lorenzo, Founder and CEO of the successful insurance claims adjuster business No Stress Insurance Claims, today shared his insights into what it takes to achieve fulfillment and success in work and life. He urges young people to take things seriously, stay focused and work on starting businesses early in life. It’s advice he wished someone had given him.

“If I could have given myself a piece of advice when I was younger, I would tell myself to be less caught up in what people think of me,” Lorenzo said. “It delays our growth and sometimes it could even stunt it completely. I would just tell my young self that no matter what anyone thinks as long as you’re good with yourself that’s all that matters.”

Lorenzo was able to focus, and though his beginnings in the insurance claims business were far from easy, he has definitely prospered. After knocking on doors 12 hours a day for three years and making no money, he eventually broke through and started earning money as a public insurance claims adjuster. A public adjuster is someone who represents policy holders and seeks to get them maximum compensation for losses due to events like hurricanes. Now, the business is delivering an income nearing seven figures.

Today, at age 26, Lorenzo’s No Stress Insurance Claims has locations in Miami, Orlando and the Florida Panhandle. Offices in Tallahassee, Tampa and Jacksonville are in the works. He’s helped over 3,000 homeowners recover a quarter of a billion dollars in claims.

For motivation, Lorenzo likes to look at ads for cool cars. “It’s a fun diversion,” he said, “And it keeps me on task to make money.” His daily habits include reading, talking to his associates about business, planning and strategizing. He also makes time to think. “It’s incredible how much you can accomplish if you set aside some quiet time to think through what you’re doing.”

Lorenzo encourages kids to stay in school and avoid drugs and the wrong kind of people. “Unfortunately, I’ve seen some real tragedies with friends who got on the wrong track. It’s a big rich world out there. There’s a lot money to make and good life to be lived, if you are willing to put in the effort and stay out of trouble.

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