Steven Basalari On Entrepreneurship

If someone wants to become an entrepreneur, Basalari recommends they should be self-motivated, disciplined, not risk-averse, and good with dealing with stress.

Steven Basalari (@stevenbasalari) started his journey opening a few nightclubs in Italy.

He’s amassed great success at the young age of 20 as an entrepreneur.

“If someone isn’t self-motivated, they simply will never get things done,” he says.

Basalari recommends having strong discipline. He believes motivation is great, but discipline is equally as important. He says creating a plan and a set of prioritized daily tasks can help entrepreneurs focus on a central goal.

Basalari says that entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking big risks. He says that e-commerce involves a ton of risk, as people need to fork up money for ads and spend time creating a website without even knowing if they will be successful.

“Employees take zero risks because they are going to be paid no matter what,” he says. “The definition of entrepreneurship means taking huge risks.”

Basalari believes entrepreneurs with massive stress tolerance are the ones. In Basalari’s eyes, jobs requiring the least amount of stress tolerance are non-performance based, where he operates with medium stress tolerance.

At the end of the day, Basalari recommends for everyone to pursue a business that they’re interested in even if there’s no money to be made. Basalari runs an e-commerce business and says that he enjoys every aspect.

“I enjoy the ability to work anywhere in the world,” he says.

He also enjoys the fact that he can pivot quickly. He says he can be selling one product on Monday and a completely different product on Friday. This allows him to be flexible and move with the market. When a new trend or style comes around, Basalari says that he capitalize on it faster than most other businesses can.

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