Stellar Repeller Introduces Organic In-Home Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Pest Control

Stellar Repeller Introduces Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Pest Contrl, Ideal for Bugs, Mice and Other Pests.

Stellar Repeller is thrilled to introduce its all electric, plug in ultrasonic pest repeller. This organic device is the ideal tool for keeping homes safe from infiltrations by pesky visitors such as mice and insects that can quickly multiple or wreak havoc on their home’s interior. Unlike mouse traps or insect baits and sprays available on the market for home use, this product does not use toxic chemicals that are dangerous or potentially deadly to the customers’ kids and pets. Instead, this product relies upon an electric current to send a signal that naturally repels pests in its path.

The Stellar Repeller ultrasonic pest repeller is ideal for saving the customer thousands of dollars in exterminator costs in their homes. This pest repeller starts working from the time it is first plugged in and continues to do so 24/7, 365. A single device can cover up to 1,350 square feet with its 20-55kHZ high frequency, deep penetrating waves. What’s more, unlike at-home or exterminator remedies, the use of this pest repeller doesn’t leave behind insect or rodent carcasses, but instead scares them away, meaning they leave your home.

When it comes to pests this electronic pest control device can target, the list is expansive. It includes any number of bugs or insects like fleas, spiders, ants, roaches, flies, and mosquitos as well as rodents like mice. And because this electronic pest control device is intended for use in home indoors, it is capable of repelling pests all at once for the cleanest and safest possible environment.

“Whether you already are experiencing a problem with pests in your home or you’re looking to prevent problems from creeping in, the Stellar Repeller ultrasonic pest repeller can help you do so. Not only is this plug-in pest blocker organic, but it’s specially created for indoor use. It’s not a pest repeller that relies upon harsh chemicals or potentially dangerous and unsanitary traps to do away with pests, but instead cutting edge electronic pest control techniques that scare them away instead. If you’re looking for the best pest repeller sure to provide your home with the best and safest pest control there is, then this is the product that will help you do just that.”-Stellar Repeller

About Stellar Repeller: Stellar Repeller ultrasonic pest repeller was created to provide families with an organic pest control alternative for families who were concerned about the harmful effects of exterminating companies’ and DIY methods offered on the market. The Stellar Repeller experience is that of peace of mind. It keeps kids and pets safe and sends pesky pests on a run from your home.

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