Statistics Show Phone Calls Still Important to Business Success

Automated tools and the internet haven’t yet made the old-fashioned phone call obsolete, but businesses have to plan intelligently to keep customers happy.

Recent innovations in online and mobile support have SMBs relying heavily on chat and other options to service customers in a timely, efficient manner, but statistics indicate that phone calls are still highly relevant to business success. According to a NewVoice study, three quarters of customers still believe a phone call is the easiest way to get a quick, accurate response — especially when dealing with complex matters. Having a professional answering service on board helps companies keep up with these callers.

One challenge SMBs face in today’s market is maintaining customer service performance in a cost-effective manner. Online and automated tools can certainly help, but often they create even more channels that must be monitored. Add in the need to provide your services and products, plan for the future and handle daily business tasks, and it’s easy to see how phone calls can be put on the back burner. As a result, customers don’t always come away happy. A survey from Harvard Business Review notes that 62 percent of clients say they have to call multiple times to get a resolution to problems. NewVoice statistics give a conservative estimate of 25 percent of customers who feel they are left on hold too long. Both of these issues can lead to a negative customer experience.

Relegating business phone calls to a less important domain than other processes puts SMBs in serious risk of losing customers. It also creates a potential loss of positive word-of-mouth marketing; Accenture says that 66 percent of clients will switch to another provider if they feel they are getting poor customer service.

With so many surveys pointing in the same direction, small and mid-size businesses must take action. One way to manage incoming phone calls without automated systems — which can be frustrating for customers — is to work with a virtual reception agency. A virtual answering service handles incoming calls during business hours, letting you concentrate on other processes while outsourced resources vet calls, route them to the appropriate staff and quickly provide callers with basic information such as business hours or locations.

EasyBee offers comprehensive virtual reception services in multiple packages to meet any business’s budget. Services include answering phone calls, routing calls, providing clients with basic information and even handling appointment setting via company web portals or other tools.

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