Statii Publishes New Range of Mini Documentaries To Demonstrate Success of Their Product In SME’s

Statii has created exclusive video content of four businesses using their ERP systems to optimize industrial business management efficiency, creating better infrastructure in their workplaces.

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is a means by which companies can use technology to manage their business. In many cases ERP is used effectively by retailers, restaurants and marketers, but it has proven difficult to find the right combination of integrated applications to suit industry and manufacturing. Statii launched with a mission to overcome that challenge, and created the most popular ERP system for manufacturing across the western world. They have just published four short documentaries on how their system is transforming industrial businesses for the better.

The short videos are just a few minutes in length and focus on case studies of companies who use Statii systems. The videos include information on what the businesses do and how Statii helps them to achieve improved efficiency, with interviews with managing directors and CEOs.

The videos include testimonials on how Statii helps businesses provide traceability, documentation packs and test certificates, sales orders integrated and stored on the cloud, ongoing profit and loss analysis, and fool proof integration at any level between workforce and management. From the first customer enquiry to the completed job, everything can be monitored, recorded, stored and optimized.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are thrilled with the results our intrepid documentary teams have been able to produce on our behalf, with such a wide range of companies working toward very different aims. The unifying theme of course is our products and what they can do to help people at every level of a business communicate with one another, and what a difference that makes to the business and to their customers. New and potential clients can now hear from MD’s and CEOs in a similar position to them how important the software has become to the running of their business.”

About Statii: Statii was created by two entrepreneurs with manufacturing and engineering backgrounds to create ERP systems that suited their manufacturing-based SME. Spending three years in development with software specialists, Statii developed the perfect system for SME’s across the globe, creating what is now the ERP system of choice for hundreds of users across the UK, and as far afield as the USA and South Africa.

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