Stasyi Barth, Candidate for CA Governor, Opposes SB54, Campaigns at Convention

Barth feels SB54 subverts the Constitution as immigration is the domain of Congress, reports

Stasyi Barth, candidate for governor of california, announces she is opposed to SB54, as she feels Governor Brown should promote a path to legal citizenship. Ms. Barth will be in attendance at the CA GOP fall convention on October 20-October 22, 2017 at the Anaheim Marriott, 700 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA, 92802. Ms. Barth feels SB 54, the law recently passed by the California State Assembly, to be the wrong way to approach immigration and will work to ensure California stays in adherence to federal law and does not remain a sanctuary state.

"Immigration laws need to put the interests of American citizens first. In becoming a sanctuary state, California is subverting the authority of the U.S. Government and promoting illegal immigration. Congress is the only entity responsible for determining immigration policy, as outlined in the United States Constitution, and California agreed to abide by federal law and uphold the United States Constitution above California's Constitution. Passage of SB54 shows they are no longer willing to do so, and is a serious affront to all Americans," Stasyi Barth declares.

Although Ms. Barth empathizes that immigrants are humans with families, hopes and dreams, she feels a path to legal citizenship is the only way to address the issue. A california sanctuary state won't help to ease the fears of immigrants, although many believe it will. Unless Congress changes current immigration law, these individuals will still find they are at risk of being deported.

"As a formerly homeless single mother, I understand what it is like to live in fear. Imagine living in California but being afraid to cross state lines. That's only one of the concerns immigrants in the state will face if California truly does become a sanctuary state. There are better ways to go about approaching this issue, which is why I am running as a Constitutional Conservative on the Republican ticket for the office of Governor of California," Barth states.

The practice of illegally crossing the border to have a baby, so that baby becomes a citizen of the U.S. upon birth, also known as birth tourism, remains an issue in California. Ms. Barth would like to see changes to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution to ensure only those who are born to a United States citizen or naturalized in the country may wear the title of citizen. Furthermore, she would like to see the DACA matter resolved in a way that ensures the law is followed.

"I see no reason why we cannot adhere to the Constitution on this issue and ensure that we continue to make America the best country in the world to immigrate to legally;" the gubernatorial hopeful stated, "immigrants helped make this country the amazing place it is and continue to make contributions today. But there is no excuse for not legally becoming a citizen just like there is no excuse for driving a car without a license" she continued. Ms. Barth will be campaigning for support from GOP members attending the California GOP Fall Convention this weekend in Anaheim.

About Stasyi Barth for Governor of California 2018:

Stasyi Barth meets challenges head-on and fights for all to be equal under the rule of law. She fights for families and is a seasoned political activist for both America and California. She's not a career politician and she does not have powerful friends to whom she is beholden. Her campaign is open, direct and transparent, and she is committed to exposing corruption in the state and creating a transparent California government.

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