Startups Swiping What’s Working to Grow Digital Marketing Strategy

Most startups understand the need to leverage digital marketing strategies in order to increase exposure, leads, and ultimately sales. But for the uninitiated, simply swiping a proven strategy can spare entrepreneurs many costly mistakes.

Innovation is the foundation of all successful businesses, and nothing speaks to the power of innovators better than the number of independent startups that borrow from their predecessors’ handbooks. Many entrepreneurs search tirelessly for new solutions to the challenges that go with building a business, while others are more interested in bringing in revenue than reinventing the wheel.

Marketing—specifically, digital marketing— is steadily becoming a larger part of most companies’ advertising budget every year, and as technology continues to redefine all forms of marketing and social media, entrepreneurs and startups continue trying to identify the ideal marketing combination that will deliver the best possible return on advertising costs or marketing expenditure. What serial entrepreneurs like Chris Luck, founder and president of, have learned from experience is that the best way to build a digital marketing plan that effectively generates leads and sales is to swipe the strategies of other companies yielding the desired results.

“Any entrepreneur who is serious about building a new business or growing an existing one shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to build a digital marketing plan that works,” Luck says. “Using already proven strategies makes much more sense than diving in head on, only to begin the endless journey of trying to learn all of the skills, knowledge and expertise required to develop an effective plan when someone else has already done it.

“All too often, entrepreneurs spend excessive amounts of money and make unnecessary mistakes trying to create a game plan no one else has tried,” he says. “But every effective marketing model is based on proven strategies that others have already developed and mastered.”

Digital marketing plays a uniquely important role in building a business. In addition to the benefits it offers over traditional marketing—growing brand awareness, measurability, cost effectiveness, selling cycle and many others, digital marketing adds a critical success factor to most businesses worldwide. Whether a marketing campaign is local or global, it can be exceptionally successful if it is implemented properly.

Consider the rapid growth of digital marketing as it applies to startups. In 2010, most businesses spent twice as much on television advertising as they spent on digital marketing. By the end of 2015, most companies will be spending an equal amount on both.

Most startups and entrepreneurs realize the need to leverage digital marketing strategies in order to increase exposure, leads, and ultimately sales. But to the uninitiated, making sense of the many different channels, platforms, techniques, media formats and service providers that make up the digital marketing industry, developing a plan can quickly become overwhelming.

For this reason, a growing number of startups are not diving head first into building a first-of-its-kind digital marketing plan from scratch. Instead, they are swiping what works from others, a tactic new businesses have employed since the beginning of time.

The takeaway here is, nothing attracts copycats like a flourishing business venture. In order to be successful in the tough world of launching and developing a startup, it is critical for entrepreneurs to adopt some of the proven digital marketing strategies utilized by top tier businesses that appear to have done everything right. Borrowing proven strategies from other companies is not only fair, it’s good business—instead of initiating an endless search for some brilliant and novel approach to marketing a business, experienced entrepreneurs are swiping strategies already known to work.

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