Startup Cheap Explainer Video Accepts Bitcoin, 20% Discount For Bitcoin Clients

Innovative startup Cheap Explainer Video accepts Bitcoin as a payment method; supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem by offering a 20% discount for Bitcoin customers. Cheap Explainer Video founder Oladapo Ajayi has a strong Bitcoin background.

Cheap Explainer Video now accepts Bitcoin and offers a huge 20% discount to customers who pay with Bitcoin. Cheap Explainer Video specializes in creating short, highly engaging animations which succinctly present the features and benefits of a product. These animations, also known as Explainer Videos, can increase conversion rates for online businesses by 50% or more. A well made Explainer Video leverages the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection between businesses and customers, or between the product and customers. It also quickly grabs a website visitor’s attention and educates them about the product before they have a chance to lose interest. Explainer Videos are quickly becoming standard fare for web based businesses. If a website does not have a good Explainer Video, it is probably losing customers.

Cheap Explainer Video founder Oladapo Ajayi is a decentralized currency enthusiast, serial entrepreneur and software developer — his innovative peer to peer Bitcoin trading software is scheduled to be released in early 2014. He is also very active in the Bitcoin community – being the sole developer and founder of the Bitcoin Coinsigner project.

Bitcoin businesses have an added challenge in that they also need to be able to quickly, easily and engagingly explain what Bitcoins are to potential customers; who may have not heard of them. They have to accomplish this in addition to showcasing the features and benefits of their particular product. Cheap Explainer Video works with each client to distill the product down to its most useful or exciting features and benefits, then create an engaging short animation which clearly shows potential customers how the product will better their lives.

According to Cheap Explainer Video founder Oladapo Ajayi, all online businesses need Explainer Videos that make customer understanding as painless as possible. No matter how complicated the product or service might be, Cheap Explainer Video will create a video designed to grab customer attention within the first five to ten seconds using animation, sound, sound effects and emotion-based voice over acting.

In an effort to support businesses and startups in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Cheap Explainer Video is offering a massive 20 percent discount to all clients who pay in Bitcoin. Oladapo Ajayi’s vision for Cheap Explainer Video is simple: to produce high quality, affordable Explainer Videos which engage and educate online visitors, turning them into customers at a dramatically improved rate. As more and more online businesses enter the exploding Bitcoin space, Cheap Explainer Video‘s innovative and one-of-a-kind media service is perfect for Bitcoin startups worldwide to increase profits and conversions. Through Oladapo’s solid Bitcoin background, and by offering a generous 20% discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin, Cheap Explainer Video is a true benefactor of Bitcoin startups across the globe.

Cheap Explainer Video also supports the long-term interest of Bitcoin by taking a stance to support efforts to preserve the fungibility of Bitcoin as a currency. As that, Cheap Explainer Video will not participate in initiatives to validate, whitelist, greenlist or blacklist Bitcoin addresses.

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