Starting Treatment During a Global Pandemic

A global pandemic has caused addiction treatment availability and operation methods to halt and change. Leaving thousands of people to fend for themselves in times of recovery. Resurgence Tennesse offers treatment during the pandemic in multiple states.

Starting treatment for drug addiction is not easy, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. It takes courage and a sincere drive to change. The staff at Resurgence Behavioral Health are here to help ensure that the patient will receive the best care in a safe and comfortable environment.

The positive effects of telemedicine and other changes suggest that traditional addiction treatment methods, such as drug treatment centers and outpatient clinics, are not very useful. Even though the treatment providers would advise their customers by phone, this would prevent the worst - even if it led to an increase in overdoses and deaths.

While some states' Medicaid programs cover telephone counseling, Medicare does not reimburse addiction providers for audio or telemedical counseling. Similar counseling is offered for other health issues, but not for addiction treatment.

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers 1-on-1 integrated mental health care in a safe and relaxing home environment. Every plan is customized to the individual needs of each patient. They offer multiple payment alternatives, and trained specialists conduct all care with decades of experience.

For many patients, telephone counseling can be less intimidating, says Dr. John D. Miller, a psychiatry professor at Brown University. According to a survey conducted by Brown University researchers in August through October, more than 90% of people who seek treatment for drug addiction said they would rather talk to their counselors by phone than in person.

After the pandemic broke out, consultants working at treatment facilities in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee began rescheduling scheduled visits to the clinic for phone calls when patients told them they were afraid to visit. For some, telephone counselors are the only option available to them.

"Consultants and patients adapted quickly," said Dr. John D. Miller, a psychiatry professor at Brown University and a co-author of the report.

In New York City, he said, "Patients said they didnt really miss the days they visited his clinic and saw doctors, nurses, and other patients." It wasn't as easy as a phone call, but they needed to connect because there was a mental disorder present. Not all people struggling with substance abuse can use recovery through a screen on the phone but need the connection and accountability of a center like Resurgence.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, which oversees the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the US Department of Health and Human Services, responded to the pandemic by relaxing rules on the use of opioids like methadone to treat addiction, allowing many more patients to take home a monthly supply of the daily drug. Until now, addiction treatment rules required patients to see a doctor at least monthly and renew their prescription.

Under federal law, insurance companies cannot refuse coverage to any person suffering from substance abuse disorder, nor can they refuse coverage for mental health treatment.

Under the ACA, there are limits on eligibility for coverage (but not on who is eligible for substance abuse treatment coverage).

To qualify for coverage under the ACA, people must earn an income between the federal poverty level and four times the federal poverty level. There are also coverage changes based on the family's size relative to the maximum annual income.

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